Week 1

Another season of darts is underway, well what else are Fridays for?

We will start in division one and the reigning champions, the Hairy Bull.  They started with a 6-3 win against the Old Endeavour.  Dave Heath checked out on 130 and his teammate Keith Montgomery hit a 180.  Winter runners up the Diamond were also 6-3 winners, they beat the Real Diamonds, Darren Hyder hit a 180 and Jim Yarwood checked out on 123.

Biggest winner on the night in division one was the Bull A, they beat new Boys the Whitfield Club 8-1, Morgan Scott hit a 180 for the Whitfield boys.

The DWMC A were 6-3 winners against the Phoenix PD, Jason Davey and Stu Rodmall both hit 180s for the PD and John Ross checked out on 119.  The final result from division one was a 5-4 win for the Three Cups against the Crown Arrows, Jim Greenway checked out on 158 for the Arrows.

In division two the Diamond C and the DWMC Maddogs were both 7-2 winners, beating the Phoenix C and Tilmanstone respectively.  The Boars Head A beat the DSAA A 6-3 and finally the Bull Dogs beat the newly relegated Crown A 5-4.

In division three the DSAA Hope were the biggest winners in our played games, they beat the Misfits 8-1.  There was 9-0, but they DSAAC did not field a side.  The Eagle C beat the the Old Endeavour 7-2 and the final two games in the division were a lot closer, both ending 5-4.  Northern Diamonds beating Phoenix Rising and the Crown B beating the Sportsman.

A little reminder about a long standing rules which most of you adhere to –

5. Pairs to be on the board by 8.00pm and toe the oche at 8.15pm.  Surprisingly this week I was notified that despite both teams being present before 8pm to start the match on time, the home team took some 30mins to set up for the fixture.  Clearly this is not correct and I ask on this occasion we try our hardest to adhere to times. 


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