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Week 6

This week I start with some sad news for the League, long standing player and most of all our Friend, Tommy Bell has passed away. Tommy would have been seen on the oche with his brother Billy, and in recent years whilst not playing so much would always be at matches and knockouts watching the darts.

Our thoughts are with all the family at this time, rest in peace our friend Tommy.

We will start this weeks darts roundup in division two. The Three Cups had a cracking 9-0 win against the Carriers to remain unbeaten, it was great night for the Cups, as the only other side unbeaten, Diamond C, lost 5-4 against the Boars Head A.

This means that the Crown & Sceptre and the Admiral Harvey A are now on 10 points like the Diamond C. The Harvey A beat Tilmanstone 6-3 and the Crown & Sceptre beat the Boars Head B by the same margin.

The Phoenix Rising beat the Bull Dogs 5-4, the Risings form has been rather stop start, with their form being, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win. Will the pattern change against the Admiral Harvey B this coming Friday, The Harvey B beat the DSAA hope 5-4 this week.

Martin Lucas of the Boars Head B was the only player to hit a 180 in division two on the night.

In division one the Bull A are still unbeaten, they beat the Boars Head C 7-2. There was a 180 each for Jim Fenton and Andy Howell. They are the only side unbeaten, the previously unbeaten Dewdrop Oast lost 7-2 against the Old Endeavour, Tony Lewis hit a 180 for the Oast.

The Bull have a game in hand on the Diamond, they beat the Boars Head Arrows 6-3 this week. Paul Clennell, Brian Pearce and Steve Clark all hit 180s in the match.

Biggest Winners on the night were the DWMC B, they won 9-0 against the Bull B. The Hairy Bull were also heavy winners, they beat the Real Diamonds 8-1. Graham Gosling hit a 180 for the Hairy, and his team mates Dean Marsh and Martin McNeill checked out on 130 and 101 respectively.

In division three there was a 180 for Sharon Lees of the DSAA Misfits, however her side did lose 5-4 against the inform Carriers A.

Top of the shop Hairy Crown were 8-1 winners against the Phoenix C, they are two pints clear of the chasing pack.

There were two 7-2 wins in the division, the Sea Lions beat the the DSAA C and the Nelson A beat the Crown Smiffys. The Sportsman had their first win of the season, they beat the Phoenix St Pauls 5-4 and finally the Northern Diamonds beat the Old Endeavour 6-3.

Couple of notes from last week, Adam Wetherell hit a 180 for the Nelson and a correction on the Tony Clark checkout was 118 not 116.

Week 5 blog

In week five of the Winter League there was stack of 180s and cracking checkouts across all the divisions.

In division three we a 180 for Malcolm Graham of the Carriers A in their 6-3 win against the Crown Smiffys. That’s the third win on the bounce for the Carriers. The Northern Diamonds beat the Phoenix St Pauls 5-4, no big checkouts in this match, but their was a 116 for Tony Clark of the Northern Diamonds last week. That’s the highest checkout so far in division three.

Top of the table Hairy Crown were 8-1 winners against the DSAA C and the Phoenix C are second, they beat the Old Endeavour 6-3.

In division two the Diamond C are top of the table and still unbeaten, closely followed by the Three Cups, also remain undefeated. This week the Diamond C beat the Admiral Harvey B 6-3, Dean Clemmence of the Diamond checked out on 118 and Simon Whatmore of the Admiral Harvey B hit a 180.

The Three Cups beat Tilmanstone 6-3, and the Crown & Sceptre recovered from their defeat against the Three Cups last week with a win against the Admiral Harvey A, who were also unbeaten until this defeat.

The Boars Head A picked up their first win of the season, they beat the Boars B 5-4 and the Carriers B beat the Phoenix Rising 5-4. Like the A side in division three, the Carriers B have won three on the bounce.

In the last game from division two the Bull Dogs beat the DSAA hope 5-4.

In to division one, Tyler Morris of the Phoenix Maddogs hit two 180s in their 7-2 defeat against the Hairy Bull. The Hairy were cracking finishing form though, they had a 117 checkout from Martin McNeill and 121 checkou for Graham Gosling.

Sean Lloyd of the Old Endeavour also hit two 180s, the Old Endeavour won 8-1 against the Bull B. The Boars Head Arrows are back to winning ways, they beat the Boars Head C 7-2.

The Diamond hit six 180s in their match against the DWMC. One a piece for Mark Clayton, Wayne Venes and Brian Pearce and three for Paul Turner. The Diamond ran out 7-2 winners.

Finally, the Dewdrop Oast who last week I had missed were actually also unbeaten, they have a game in hand as well. They won 7-2 against the Real Diamonds this week, they like the Bull A have started the season with four wins in a row.

Week 4

First of all this week, a message from the Malvern.

Could division one sides who have a bye each week please consider playing the old MALVERN side in a friendly. They are seeking to rejoin the league in the new year. Also, if any games are cancelled from any divisions during the week of match, please also consider a friendly. Please contact Colin Caley.

The Bull A of division one of the league are the only side with a 100% winning start to the league campaign. They beat the Hairy Bull 7-2. There was three 180s in the match, one a piece for Ryan Short, Tony Selby and Carl Booker, plus there was two nice ton plus checkouts. A 122 for Kevan Hackett and a 115 for Alan Katreiber.

Not quite as good for the Bull B though, they are the only side without a win, they lost 7-2 against the Dewdrop Oast. Mick Mendham hit a 180 and Steve Roberts checked out on 102, both for the Dewdrop.

The Dewdrop sit level on points with the Diamond in third position, they do also have a game in hand. This week the Diamond were 5-4 winners against the Old Endeavour.

The DWMC B tasted defeat for the first time, they lost 5-4 against the Boars Head C. Jim Fenton checked out on 104 for the Boars Head. The newly promoted side have picked up two wins out of four, a fairly decent start to life in the top flight.

In the final game of division one, the Phoenix Maddogs picked up their first win of the season, they beat the Real Diamonds 5-4.

In division two we still have two sides with a 100% winning record, if you remember last week there was four sides unbeaten but one record was going to go. It was the Crown & Sceptre that lost that record, they were beaten 5-4 against the Three Cups.

So the Cups keep their winning run going, as dot he Admiral Harvey A and the Diamond. The Harvey A beat the Boars Head A 6-3 and the Diamond C beat the Bull Dogs 5-4. Warran Kingsnorth hit a 180 for the Bull Dogs.

It was a good week for the Admiral Harvey B as well, they won 7-2 against the Boars Head B, Michael Barnes hit a 180 for the Boars Head. Like the A side from the Boars Head, they are still looking for a win this season. The Phoenix Rising beat the DSAA Hope 6-3 and finally the Carriers b won 5-4 against Tilmanstone, another side who have o=won half their games in the higher division.

In division three the Hairy Crown are top, four wins on the bounce. They beat the DSAA Misfits 7-2.

The Old Endeavour were again handed a 9-0 win, whilst the Phoenix C lost for the first time, 5-4 against the Northern Diamonds. Jim Chalmers was on form, hitting a 180, the first of the season in division three.

In fourth place are the Carriers A, they beat the Sportsman A who are looking for their first win of the season. The Nelson are fifth, they beat the Phoenix St Pauls 5-4.

And finally the Sea Lions, which I think I should clarify as few people have asked now, are playing from the Angling Club. They beat the Crown Smiffys 6-3, thats their second win of the season.

Enjoy your arrows this week!