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Week 9

In the latest round of darts we have had some more top finishing, 180s and really close matches. In division one the Diamond jumped back over the Hairy Bull, the Diamond won 8-1 against the Crown Arrows and the Hairy beat the Phoenix PD 5-4. There is just one leg between the two sides, and they still have to play each other in the first half of the season.


There was a 180 for Ben Baldwin and a 108 checkout for Darren Hyder for the Diamond, a 180 for Steve Roberts of the Phoenix PD, a 120 Checkout for Keith Montgomery, a 102 for Dean Marsh both of the Hairy.


Biggest winners on the night were the Old Endeavour, John Hughes hit a 180 when they beat the Admiral Cups 9-0 and the Whitfield Club beat the Three Cups 7-2.


DWMC A beat the Real Diamonds 5-4, Phill Kinnill ans Scot Wilkinson both hit 180s for the Workies.


In division two the DWMC Maddogs beat the Dewdrop 5-4, Simon Scott of the Maddogs checked out on 108. The DIamond C got back to winning ways, they beat the DSAA A 7-2 and the Hairy Crown won by the same margin against the Bull Dogs. There was a 180 for Jack Gealer in this match.


The Boars Head A beat the Crown A 6-3 and finally still looking for the result from the Phoenix C and Tilmanstone.


In division the the Crown B beat the Eagle 6-3, and the second placed Northern Diamonds keep the chase going with a 5-4 win against the Misfits.


The Old Endeavour won 7-2 against the Golden Eagle, Jack Isaacs of the Old E hit his fist 180 of the season.


Sportsman won 5-4 against the DSAA Hope, a result that moves the Sportsman up to third in the table.

Week 8 – Hairy Bull go top, first defeat for Maddogs and the Crown B still unbeaten!!

The Hairy Bull have moved to the top of division one of the Dover Invitation Darts League, they beat the Admiral Cups this week 7-2, they are now two games for better off than second placed Diamond but are on level points and level games played. There was plenty of cracking darts in the match, Carl Booker, Keith Montgommery and Dave Heath all hit 180s and Graham Gosling checked out on 104, all for the Hairy Bull. I think you can safely say the entire team is on form.

The Three Cups picked up just their second win of the season, they beat the Real Diamonds 5-4, Mark Lemming of the Cups and Lee Edwards of Real Diamonds both hit 180s.

Biggest winners on the night, the Old Endeavour, they beat the Wheelwrights 8-1. Al Terry hit a 180 for the Old E and Ray Bourne hit a 14 dart leg, dont forget to add those cracking legs in to your facebook posts!

The Bull A won 7-2 against the DWMC A, Mark Comley checked out on 113 for the Workies and in the final game of the night in division one the Phoenix PD beat the Crown Arrows 5-4. 180s for Jim Greenway, Steve Roberts, Tommy Armstrong and and 104 checkout for James Manton.

In division two the Hairy Crown won 6-3 against Diamond C, the DSAA A beat the Maddogs 5-4. This was the first defeat of the season for the Maddogs.

Warren Kingsnorth of the Bull Dogs checked out on 106 in their 6-3 win against Tilmanstone.  The Phoenix C beat the Boars Head A 5-4, Sarah Wilson checked out on 114.

In division three the Crown B are still unbeaten, they beat the Old Endeavour 5-4. Biggest winners on the night were the DSAA Misfits, they beat the Eagle C 8-1. The Northern Diamonds are second in the table, they beat the Golden Eagle 7-2, better news for third Eagle side in the Division they beat the Sportsman 5-4.

Week 7

In division two we have clear leaders by four points of the division, the DWMC Maddogs have won their first six games of the season. This week they beat the Diamond C 7-2, who are one of the three sides on eight points.

Also in the chasing pack are the Boars Head A who won 5-4 against the Bull Dogs 5-4 and the Hairy Crown who beat Tilmanstone 8-1.

Fifth placed Dewdrop won 5-4 against the Crown A. Its looking like they is going to be a clear divide between the top and the bottom halves of division two, five sides with four or less points, five sides with six or more.

In division three the top two side met for the first time, they bother were unbeaten until this game so someones 100% record was going, the Crown B won 5-4 in a tight match against the Northern Diamonds.

There was first win of the season for the Golden Eagle, they beat the Eagle C 5-4. Recent good form of the Old Endeavour came to an end, they lost 6-3 against the Sportsman. The biggest winners on the night were the DSAA Misfits, they beat the DSAA C 8-1.

There was a also a big win the for the Phoenix Rising, they beat the DSAA Hope 7-2.

In division one there was a massive 9-0 win for the Old Endeavour against the Real Diamonds, and the Hairy Bull recorded an 8-1 win against the Whitfield Club. The Hairy, like the Diamond are still unbeaten, this week the Diamond beat the Phoenix PD 6-3.

Crown Arrows won 7-2 against the Admiral Cups and last but not least the Bull A beat the Three Cups 7-2.

There were a few 180s around, Andy Collins of the Real Diamonds, Ricky Edwards of the Admiral Cups with two, Blake Manton of the Crown Arrows, Dave Heath and Alan Katrieber of the Hairy Bull and Robbie Herbert of the Whitfield Club. lee Dawkins of the Old Endeavour was the only player to record a 100+ checkout,he took out 102.