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Blog – The run in

With just two weeks left of the league campaign, we really are in the business end of the season.

In division one the Hairy Bull are virtually champions, the 5-4 win the had against the Phoenix PD means that they would need to lose their final two games of the season of the season and the Diamond win their final two matches for them to not win the league.  Considering they have not lost all season I think its is well odds on that they will be champions.

The Diamond beat the Crown Arrows 5-4, they were 3-0 up before a spirited fight back from the Arrows.

The DWMC A beat the Real Diamonds 6-3, the Whitfield Club beat the Three Cups 7-2 and the Old Endeavour beat the Admiral Cups 8-1.  Therefore the Whitfield Club were the only side in the bottom four that picked up a win this week.

Highlights in division one games were 180s from, Ricky Edwards, Jim Penman, Jim Greenway, Si Lee and two fro Jimmy Yarwood.

And the big finishes were 110 Ryan Lucas, 100 Al Terry, 120 Dave Heath and for 100 Paul Martin.

Division two the Phoenix Maddogs and the Hairy Crown are promoted, the battle is to now see who will when the league between the two of them.

This week the the Hairy beat the Bull Dogs 9-0 and the Maddogs lost 6-3 against the Dewdrop 6-3 making them joint on 28 points.

We do know thought that the Phoenix C and the Crown A will finish the season in those relegation zones.  The Crown A did win this week, they beat the Boars Head A 5-4, the Phoenix lost 6-3 against Tilmanstone.

In the final game from division two the DSAA A secured their division two status with a 6-3 win against the Diamond C.  Dean Clemmence of the Diamond hit a 180.

Division three champions the Crown B beat the Eagle 6-3, whilst the runners up spot is between four sides still.  DSAA Hope, Sportsman, Old Endeavour and Phoenix Rising are battling it out.  This week the Old Endeavour beat the Golden Eagle 7-2, DSAA Hope beat the Sportsman 7-2 and the Rising had a bye.

The Northern Diamonds sit just outside that chasing pack, they beat the Misfits 6-3 and the DSAA C beat the Eagle C 5-4.

Jack Isaacs of the Old Endeavour hit a 180 in his match for the Old E, thats his second this season.

Dont forget your end of season knockouts and pro nights

BLIND PAIRS – 4th October 2019 – The DWMC

DIVISIONAL SINGLES – 11th October 2019 

Division One – The DWMC

Division Two – The Boars Head 

Division Three – The Old Endeavour

PRO NIGHT – 18th October 2019 @ DWMC



Round up and pro night details

I hope you have all had a great summer, the darts especially been hot as has the weather.

Top of the shop in division one is the Hairy Bull, they are still unbeaten this season, a superb effort in an incredibly tough league. Second place, but four points behind is the Diamond, they have suffered defeats against only the Hairy Bull and the Old Endeavour.

Near the bottom of the table it is incredibly close, four sides are on six points, Whitfield Club, Admiral Cups, Three Cups and the Real Diamonds. With only three games left it is definitely going to be a nervous end to the campaign.

In division two the DWMC Maddogs and the Hairy Crown are promoted, we just don’t know which side will win the league. At the bottom of division two the Crown A are relegated, back to back relegation’s, I thought only Sunderland did that.

The second relegation spot is between the DSAA A and the phoenix C, the Anglers are in the driving seat though as they are four points clear of the Phoenix.

Division three, the Crown B are promoted back to division two, but the second promotion spot is between four sides. The Old Endeavour, Phoenix Rising, Sportsman and the DSAA Hope are all on 22 points. We will all be watching with interest over the coming weeks to see will be joining the Crown in division two.

180s leaders are Ricky Edwards of the Admiral Cups and Wayne Venes with 7 each in division one, Dave Buddle of the Boars Head A and Alan Harper of Tilmanstone both on 2 in division two and Shaun Mayes of the Sportsman is 3 in division three.

The big checkouts have also been flying in, Jim Greenway of the Crown Arrows 158 is the biggest in division one, Mick Law of division two has a 136 and the biggest overall is Roy Marsh of the Crown B of division three, he hit a 160.

Some pro night updates for you,

As many of you are aware there has been a major change in the BDO officials, which has seen the resignation of Richard Ashdown who is our normal MC. This has meant that Richard is now working more and more with the EDO, WDO and the PDC which is great news for us is his contact of players is extneding even further, especially in the PDC. However, these new roles means he is unable to MC our pro night this year, but he has found us a replacement, Paul Starr a regular on the MC circuit with Richard.  Richard however is actually disappointed that his long run has ended in Dover, but had vowed to come back next year with a top pro, bigger and better.

There will be no other changes, we still have the incredible Stephen Bunting and our usual Stage Set with Jazon Hawthorn.

So, how can you plat the pro, you can win chances at the following events which are all £5 to enter, which will also get you in to the pro night.

BLIND PAIRS – 4th October 2019 – The DWMC

DIVISIONAL SINGLES – 11th October 2019 

Division One – The DWMC

Division Two – The Boars Head 

Division Three – The Old Endeavour

PRO NIGHT – 18th October 2019 @ DWMC

We are also seeking event sponsors for the pro night and raffle prizes, if you are interested please contact a member of the committee.

Best wishes




To start with another couple of reminders for players and captains.
Please can any member of the winning team make sure all 180’s and high finishes are being passed on at time of results. Missed off could result in unhappy players. If we are not told we cannot update tables accordingly.
A polite reminder of Rule 23 and to remember to respect your committe members, we all volunteer to help run the league and wish to have a happy league with happy players.
On with the blog.
Division Two starts with both Crown and Sceptre teams winning their games. Hairy Crown beat the Boars Head A 6-3 and the Crown A beat DSAA A 5-4.  Dewdrop beat the Phoenix C 6-3 and the Tilmanstone won 5-4 against Diamond C.

Division Three and Golden Eagle were the only team to win for their pub this week they beat DSAA C 5-4, Eagle C lost 9-0 to the Crown B and Eagle A lost 6-3 to the DSAA Hope. Sportsman won 7-2 against the Northern Diamonds with Martin (Macca) hitting 180 for the sportsman. Phoenix Rising lost to DSAA Misfits 6-3.

Divsion One seems to be where the 180’s were hit this week. Bull A beat Old Endeavour 6-3, Billy Johnson of the bull hit a 104 and a 130 out shot. Well done billy. Hairy Bull beat the Real Diamonds 8-1, 180’s for Keith Mongomery and Graham Gosling of the hairy and a 111 out shot for Dave Heath also from the hairy. Crown Arrows beat the Whitfield Club 7-2 with Kyle Manton hitting 180 for the Crown. Admiral Cups lost to Phoenix PD 7-2 180’s were hit by Ricky Edwards and Jordon Townsend of the cups and Martin Mcneill of the Phoenix. Diamond beat the DWMC A 6-3 2 180’s hit by Wayne Venes of the diamond and 1 for Phil Kinnill of the DWMC.

Have a great bank holiday weekend