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Here we go again!

As we start a new season of darts, first of all a huge thank you from all the committee for your support for the events leading up to, and the pro night with Stephen Bunting.

To have one of the current top 16 in the world come to our town is a real credit to you, I promise you, there are not many league in the country that can do this.

Of course it is not just you the players that make this happen, we were supported once again by the Dover Working Mens Club, George Clark of Channel Engineering and Carl Booker with his company Leighton Carpets.

Of course I am fully aware you all want to know about next year, yes we will be looking to run another pro night next summer, as soon as we have any details we will let you know.

On with the darts!

In division one the reigning champions, The Hairy Bull started with a 8-1 win against the Three Cups. There was plenty of action in the match as well, a 180 each for Dave Heath and Carl Booker plus there was a 111 checkout for Paul Kermode. All for the Hairy, so they have definitely carried on where they left off.

The Diamond faced new boys the Hairy Crown who had won division two, the Diamond ran out 7-2 in a game which was a lot tighter than that scoreline says. I think the Hairy Crown second outing in division will be much improved from their previous visit.

The Bull A won 6-3 against the Admiral Cups, this match included two 180s for Gary Mills and one for Dan Bent. Louis Pearson of the Admiral Cups jit a brilliant 153 checkout.

A cracking start to the season for the Phoenix PD, they beat the Old Endeavour 6-3. There was a 180 from Sean Lloyd of the Old E and Martin McNeill of the Phoenix hit a 180 plus a 105 checkout.

The Whitfield Club were also in fine form, they beat the DWMC Maddogs 6-3 There were two 180s for Morgan Scott and one for Robbie Herbert.

In division two the Bull Dogs were the biggest winners on the night, they beat Tilmanstone 7-2. The DSAA A beat the Dewdrop 6-3 and Boars Head A won by the same margin against the newly promoted Endeavour Spartans.

The Real Dimaonds beat the Crown A 5-4, this match included 180s from Kevin Down of the Diamond and Shane Bruce for the Crown.

Tom Wayte of the Crown B and Tom Sullivan of the Diamond C both hit 180s in their match. The Crown B ran out 5-4 winners, they were 4-0 up at one point in the match.

In division three the DSAA Hope won the angling club derby with a 6-3 win against the Misfits, this was the same scoreline as the Red Lion beat the Phoenix C. The Lion are new side to the league, but with some familiar faces from the last few years. We welcome them to the league as both a new side and another venue.

The Eagle A beat the Northern Diamonds 5-4, and the Sportsman beat the Eagle C by that same margin. Last but not least, the Phoenix Rising won 7-2 against the Golden Eagle.

Have a great season!

Pro night order of play

  1. Wayne Anderton             –              Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining
  2. Scottie Rushton                –              George Ezra – ShotGun
  3. Jack Clarke                          –              Steve “Silk” Hurley – Jack Your Body
  4. Carl Booker                        –              Slipknott – Duality
  5. Alan Katrieber                   –              Simon & Garfunkel – Call me Al
  6. Kai West                              –              Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Cant Stop
  7. Darren Everett                  –              Baha Men – Who let the Dogs Out
  8. Paul Turner                         –              Steps – 5, 6, 7, 8
  9. Reece Kiley                         –              Walk the Moon – Shut up Dance
  10. Jamie Yelverton                –              Kungs – This Girl
  11. Draw on Night                   –              Chelsea Dagger
  12. Luca Scott                            –              Soft Cell – Tainted Love
  13. Kev Thorp                            –              Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper
  14. Tyler Morris                        –              ACDC – Back in Black
  15. Sean Lloyd                           –              Five Finger Death Punch – Back for More
  16. Jim Penman                       –              TBC

Final week round up

Were all done, the league campaign is over for another summer.

In division one we have known for a couple of weeks the winners are the Hairy Bull, they ended the season unbeaten. They beat the Diamond 5-3 this week to finish the season six points clear of their closest rivals.

The phoenix PD won 5-4 against the Three Cups, and the Bull A beat the Real Diamonds 8-1, whilst the Admiral Cups picked up a in against the the DWMC. This has meant he Real Diamonds and the Three Cups are in the bottom two.

The Old Endeavour ended the season with a 5-4 win against the Crown Arrows.

Top of the 180s in division one is Wayne Venes with 9 and the top finish is of course the brilliant 170 from Mick Cock.

Top of the shop in division two were the Hairy Bull, they won 5-4 against the Crown A. Second placed is the DWMC Maddogs, they beat the Boars Head A 6-3.

The Diamond C won 6-3 against the Dewdrop, they finished the season like the Boars Head A and the Bull Dogs, Played 18, Won 9 and Lost 9. Think thats a fairly even season for them three.

The Bull Dogs won 6-3 against the Phoenix C, who are in the bottom two with the Crown A.

Dean Clemmence has hit three 180s and the highest checkout for division two was a 136 from Mick Law.

Division three winners f course we have known for a very long time, that is the Crown B. They had no game this week.

Second place has gone the Old E, 9-0 this week against the DSAA C. Elsewhere in the division it was 6-3 to the Northern Diamonds against the Eagle C, 5-4 for the Phoenix Rising against the Sportsman, 7-2 for the Hope against the Golden Eagle and finally 7-2 for the Eagle A against the Misfits.

Shaun Mayes of the Sportsman has hit 3 180s this season and Roy marsh hit a 160 checkout for the Crown B.

Winter registration can be done from Friday the 4th October at the pairs right through to the 11th October at the Singles events. However, between 8pm and 9pm on Monday 7th October at the Diamond you can also pop in any pay for fees.



DIVISIONAL SINGLES – 11th October 2019

Division One – The DWMC

Division Two – The Boars Head

Division Three – The Old Endeavour

25TH OCTOBER – OVER 55s The Bull