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Mega 180 & Checkout week!

First of all happy new year to you all!

What a week of scoring and finishing we had this week, 180s galore! I think inspiration from our TVs has certainly but sucked in over the xmas period.

We will start in division one with Martin McNeill hitting 3 180s in a match, his side won 8-1 against the Hairy Crown.

The Hairy Bull beat the Diamond in a fantastic match which was one on the final leg of the night. The match included 2 180s for Darren Hyder, one a piece for Paul Martin, Jim Penman, Wayne Venes and George Clark. there was also 113 checkout for Darren, a 100 for Carl Booker and then a 110 for Allan Bryant. What a match which also ended the Diamonds winning start to the season.

The Bull A won 6-3 against the Three Cups, Joe West hit a 180 and a 100 checkout on his debut for the Cups.

Luca Scott hit a 180 for the Whitfield Cups in their 5-4 win against the Admiral Cups. In the final game from division one the Old Endeavour won 6-3 against the DWMC.

In division two Jim Yarwood hit 2 180s for the Real Diamonds and Kerry Burdett pitched in with one as well. They beat the Bull Dogs 7-2.

Finishing galore in the Boars Heads win against the Dewdrop 9-0. Dave Buddle hit a 145 and a 127,Nick Dowley hit a 112.

The Old Endeavour Spartans won 5-4 against the Diamond C and the Crown A beat the DSAA A 5-4.

Final game in division two was a 7-2 win for Tilmanstone vs the Crown B.

In division three, Reg Merrells checked out on 157 in the Northern Diamonds 8-1 win against the Golden Eagle.

Jamie Yelverton hit a 104 checkout in their 6-3 win against the DSAA Hope. The phoenix C won 9-0 against the DSAA Misfits and the Red Lion remain unbeaten like the Eagle A, they beat the Sportsman 6-3.

The Red Lion and the eagle A are the only two sides unbeaten this season, they play each other tonight, which is also the halfway point of the season.

best wishes

Week 6

Starting our round up this week in division three there are still three teams in division three with 100% records, two with winning records and one still without a win.

The Eagle A and Red Lion remain unbeaten, this week they both had 8-1 wins against the DSAA Misfits and the Phoenix Rising respectively.

The Golden Eagle who are still looking for a win lost 6-3 against the DSAA hope.

The Sportsman are in third place, they beat the Phoenix C 5-4 and the Eagle C beat the Northern Diamonds 7-2.

One 180 on the night in division three, Martin McCintosh of the Sportsman.

The Real Diamonds have moved to the top if division two, this is because the DSAA A lost 7-2 against the Bull Dogs and the Real Diamonds won 7-2 against the Crown B.

Third placed Boars Head A lost 5-4 against the Diamond C, matched decided on the last game with Colin Townley sealing the victory.

Cracking win for the Spartans as well, they won 6-3 against Tilmanstone. Finally, a much needed second win of the season for the Dewdrop, 5-4.

Stefan Hilton of the Spartans hit a 180, Colin Townley checked out on 114 in these matches.

In division the much improved Phoenix PD won 5-4 against the Hairy Bull, a very rare defeat indeed for them. Papa G hit another 180 in this match.

The Whitfield Cups won 72 against the Bull A and sit in third place just behind the Hairy. Top of the table are the Diamond, they beat the Three Cups 7-2, Ben Bristow hit a 180.

The Old Endeavour won 5-4 against the Admiral Cups, this match had a 119 checkout from John Hughes.

And finally their was a 180 for Tyler Morris for the DWMC Maddogs, however they lost 5-4 against the Hairy Crown.

This week is the last round of matches before Christmas, however these is still chance to play darts on the 20th December at the Diamond. The annual Nigel Pascall cup is being played, money in and money out, free buffet. Start at around 8pm

Best wishes


Week 5 round up

Another superb week of darts for me to round up for you, and this week we will start in division one.

The Hairy Bull are top of the table, they beat the Hairy Crown 9-0 so they are top on leg difference over the Diamond. The match this week had a 180 from Papa G and a 136 checkout from the big man Dave Heath.

A cracking game of darts was had between the Whitfield Cups and the Diamond, the Diamond never lead the game until the final game of the match which was won by Paul Martin. Russ Herbert of the Cups hit a 180 in a match that as well.

The old endeavour went 180 mad in their match against the three Cups, they were hit by John Hughes, Mark Culley, Ray Bourne and Mike Matthews. They Old E ran out 8-1 winners.

The Bull A won 72 against the DWMC Maddogs, Ash Battie hit a 180 and Gary Mills checked out on a nice 155.

Garys 155 was beaten on the night by Lee Humphries of the Admiral Cups, he hit a 158 , his side did however lose 6-3 against the Phoenix PD. This match also included a 180 from Martin McNeill and a 113 checkout from Steve Roberts.

In division two the DSAA A are still unbeaten. They beat Tilmanstone 7-2 this week and are now two points clear of their closest rivals the Boars Head A.

The Boars Head beat the Bull Dogs 6-3, Bradley Bough hit a 180 for the Bull Dogs and Mick Cock checked out on 100 for the Boars Head.

The Diamond C won 6-3 against the Crown A, thats the second win of the season for the Diamond so they now have a couple of points cushion on the bottom three sides in thee table still on one win.

Endeavour Spartans had a last leg of the match win against the Crown B, Mike O’Callaghan with the winning game and Callum Hilton checked out on 102.

last but not least the Real Diamonds were the biggest winners in division two, they beat the Dewdrop 8-1. Steve Habbershaw hit a 180 for the Diamonds.

It was good night all round for the Diamond, all their sides won on the night, the Northern Diamonds picked up their first of the season beating the DSAA Misfits 7-2.

That means there are just two sides in division three looking for a win, the Golden Eagle and the Eagle C. This week the Eagle C lost 6-3 against the Red Lion and the Golden Eagle lost by the same margin against the Phoenix C.

The Red Lion are joint top of the table with the Eagle A, both are unbeaten and this week the Eagle A won 5-1 against the Sportsman. Or as posted on facebook, 8-Scottie Rushton.

The final fame of division three was a 6-3 win for the DSAA Hope 6-3, if anybody knows the team well can you please ask them to make sure the result card is also added to facebook. I am sure someone in the pub will do it for them if they are struggling, which I think they are.

Mr T