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Week 2 – Knockout and pro updates

So we are in to week two of the new darts season, and whilst we are not in a position to finally confirm who this years pro is, we are in position to confirm the date and the knockout dates to win the chance to play them.  But we are really close to naming and we as a committee are really excited if this does come through.  

BLIND PAIRS – 4th October – DWMC

DIVISIONAL SINGLES 11th October across three venues

PRO NIGHT 18th October.

In this weeks darts we will start in division three, the Eagle beat the new Eagle C side 9-0 and the Sportsman beat the Golden Eagle 7-2.  The Eagle, like the Northern Diamonds have started with two wins, the Diamonds beating the Old Endeavour 8-1.  The Crown B are also unbeaten, the beat the Phoenix Rising 6-3.  We are one missing result from Friday, the DSAA Hope vs DSAA C.

Division two biggest winners this week were the Boars Head A and the DSAA A.  They both won 8-1, the Boars Head A beating the Dewdrop and the DSAA beating Tilmanstone.  The Boars Head have won their first two games of the season.  In a couple of weeks the Boars Head are due to plat at Tilmanstone, but as they Tilmanstone Welfare is booked for a function the teams have agreed to reverse the fixture.

The other unbeaten side in division is the DWMC Maddogs, they beat the Hairy Crown 6-3 and the Phoenix C picked up their first win in division two with a 7-2 win against the Crown A.

In division one the Bull A, Hairy Bull and the Diamond have all started with two wins, this week the Bull a beat the Admiral Cups 6-3, the Hairy beat the Three Cups 7-2 and the Diamond beat the Old Endeavour 7-2.

The Crown Arrows picked up their first win of the season, a 6-3 against the DWMC and the Real Diamonds beat fellow newly promoted Whitfield Club 7-2.

What about 180s and big finishes, well they were only in division one this week and the were as follows.  180s from, Wayne Venes, Ben Baldwin, Paul Perkins, Josh Hackett, Dave Heath and Lee Edwards.  As for the 100+ checkouts, 116 for Kyle Manton, 140 for Dave Heath, 100 for Michael Matthews, 100 Paul Perkins, 106 for Ray Bourne and a 150 for Graham Gosling.

So fingers crossed next week ill have name to share with you for pro night!!!


Week 1

Another season of darts is underway, well what else are Fridays for?

We will start in division one and the reigning champions, the Hairy Bull.  They started with a 6-3 win against the Old Endeavour.  Dave Heath checked out on 130 and his teammate Keith Montgomery hit a 180.  Winter runners up the Diamond were also 6-3 winners, they beat the Real Diamonds, Darren Hyder hit a 180 and Jim Yarwood checked out on 123.

Biggest winner on the night in division one was the Bull A, they beat new Boys the Whitfield Club 8-1, Morgan Scott hit a 180 for the Whitfield boys.

The DWMC A were 6-3 winners against the Phoenix PD, Jason Davey and Stu Rodmall both hit 180s for the PD and John Ross checked out on 119.  The final result from division one was a 5-4 win for the Three Cups against the Crown Arrows, Jim Greenway checked out on 158 for the Arrows.

In division two the Diamond C and the DWMC Maddogs were both 7-2 winners, beating the Phoenix C and Tilmanstone respectively.  The Boars Head A beat the DSAA A 6-3 and finally the Bull Dogs beat the newly relegated Crown A 5-4.

In division three the DSAA Hope were the biggest winners in our played games, they beat the Misfits 8-1.  There was 9-0, but they DSAAC did not field a side.  The Eagle C beat the the Old Endeavour 7-2 and the final two games in the division were a lot closer, both ending 5-4.  Northern Diamonds beating Phoenix Rising and the Crown B beating the Sportsman.

A little reminder about a long standing rules which most of you adhere to –

5. Pairs to be on the board by 8.00pm and toe the oche at 8.15pm.  Surprisingly this week I was notified that despite both teams being present before 8pm to start the match on time, the home team took some 30mins to set up for the fixture.  Clearly this is not correct and I ask on this occasion we try our hardest to adhere to times. 


Week 10

Apologies for a no blog for a few weeks, its been a tad busy and just not had the time.  Here is the round up for week 10.

In division one the Diamond are top and still unbeaten, they beat third placed the Bull A 5-4, second placed Haory Bull beat the fourth placed Old Endeavour 6-3, Pappa G hit a 180 for the Hairy.

Two big win in the league on the night, an 8-1 for the phoenix PD against the Hairy Crown and the same margin was recorded by the DWMC A against the Crown & Sceptre.

The battle of the Cups went in favour the of the Admiral side, they won 6-3.  There were 180s for Billy Bristow, Andy Kemp and Lee Humprey in the match.

Jason Cork hit a 180 and Tommy Armstrong hit a 108 checkout for the DWMC Oast in their 6-3 win against the Crown Arrows, a result which means all three Crown sides lost in division one on the night.

In division two the Real Diamonds are top of the shop, they beat the Boars Head A 6-3, they are top by leg difference only.  Second placed Whitfield Club beat Tilmanstone 5-4 and third placed Phoenix Maddogs, also joint top beat the DSAA A 6-3.

Dewdrop Harvey were the biggest winners on the night, they beat the Diamond C 7-2 and the final score from division two is the Bull Dogs 5-4 win against the Crown B, there first win six.

In division three leaders phoenix C had a bye, second placed Nelson picked up a 6-3 win against the Sportsman to move within two points of the leaders.  

The Northern Diamonds beat the Phoenix Rising 6-3 and the DSAA Misfits won by the same margin against the Old Endeavour.  That was the third 6- win on the bounce for the MIsfits.

And last but not least, the biggest winning margin in division three was the DSAA Hopes 8-1 win against the DSAA C.

A reminder that this week there is 


And a note to say that I have switched the ladies and youth singles around at the end of the season to the following as the ladies league presentation is on 19th April.


Your weekly 180 and Ton + tally are below.

  180s TON +
WK1 12 5
WK2 9 6
WK3 10 6
WK4 8 2
WK5 6 5
WK6 9 8
WK7 10 4
WK8 6 4
WK9 6 9
WK10 7 1
TOTAL 83 50