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Week 9

In the latest round of darts we have had some more top finishing, 180s and really close matches. In division one the Diamond jumped back over the Hairy Bull, the Diamond won 8-1 against the Crown Arrows and the Hairy beat the Phoenix PD 5-4. There is just one leg between the two sides, and they still have to play each other in the first half of the season.


There was a 180 for Ben Baldwin and a 108 checkout for Darren Hyder for the Diamond, a 180 for Steve Roberts of the Phoenix PD, a 120 Checkout for Keith Montgomery, a 102 for Dean Marsh both of the Hairy.


Biggest winners on the night were the Old Endeavour, John Hughes hit a 180 when they beat the Admiral Cups 9-0 and the Whitfield Club beat the Three Cups 7-2.


DWMC A beat the Real Diamonds 5-4, Phill Kinnill ans Scot Wilkinson both hit 180s for the Workies.


In division two the DWMC Maddogs beat the Dewdrop 5-4, Simon Scott of the Maddogs checked out on 108. The DIamond C got back to winning ways, they beat the DSAA A 7-2 and the Hairy Crown won by the same margin against the Bull Dogs. There was a 180 for Jack Gealer in this match.


The Boars Head A beat the Crown A 6-3 and finally still looking for the result from the Phoenix C and Tilmanstone.


In division the the Crown B beat the Eagle 6-3, and the second placed Northern Diamonds keep the chase going with a 5-4 win against the Misfits.


The Old Endeavour won 7-2 against the Golden Eagle, Jack Isaacs of the Old E hit his fist 180 of the season.


Sportsman won 5-4 against the DSAA Hope, a result that moves the Sportsman up to third in the table.

Bunting, 160 checkout in div 3, all in all a good week



Stephens career highlights include a BDO World Championship in 2014, two World Masters, a World Cup Finalist and a World Grand Prix semi-finalist.  Stephen entered the 2015 PDC Premier League of Darts.  Below is a link to that final part of the World Championship Final Win.

Stephen will be joined by a firm Dover favorite, Little Richard Ashdown, this is Richards eight visit to Dover to MC our night and amazingly this is the 15th Pro Dart player the league have brought to the town and 14 world championships between them all.


On with the darts, and in division three there was a 123 checkout for Dave Medhurst of the DSAA Misfits, and it was beaten by Roy Marsh of the Crown B who checked out on 160, the biggest checkout so far this season across all the divisions.

Results wise, there was a 7-2 win for the Crown B against the Golden Eagle and the Northern Diamonds won 5-4 against the Eagle.  These two sides are still unbeaten.

The DSAA Hope beat the DSAA C 9-0, the DSAA Misfits beat the Sportsman 6-3 and finally the Old Endeavour sneaked past the Phoenix Rising 5-4.

Top of the table in division two are the Phoenix Maddogs, they have won all three of their games, this week they beat the Bull Dogs 6-3.  Whilst they are top there are two other sides unbeaten, Boars Head A and the Diamond C, who both have a game in hand.

This week the Boars Head A had a bye and the Diamond C beat the Crown A 5-4.  The Hairy Crown cane from 4-2 down to beat the DSAA 5-4 and the Dewdrop beat Tilmanstone.  These wins were both sides first win of the new season and Ton Bowes hit a 171 for the Hairy.

In division one three sides are unbeaten, Bull A, Hairy Bull and the DIamond.  The Hairy won 9-0 against the DWMC A, 180s were hit by Dean Marsh and Graham Gosling and Dave Heath hit his third 100+ checkout of the season, a 106 this time.

There was a 180 for Dan Bent and a 100 checkout for Billy Johnson in the Bull A 7-2 win against Phoenix PD.  The Diamond beat the Whitfield Club 9-0 in a great fun night of darts.

Second win of the season for the Real Diamonds, Jimmy Yarwood won the match with a 150 checkout in a tight 5-4 win against the Admiral Cups.  Kyle Terry of the Cups hit a 180.

Lee Dawkins checked out on 102 and Ryan Lucas on 120 for the Old Endeavour during their 6-3 win against the Three Cups, their first win of the season.

Enjoy your weekend, starting with the darts!



Week 2 – Knockout and pro updates

So we are in to week two of the new darts season, and whilst we are not in a position to finally confirm who this years pro is, we are in position to confirm the date and the knockout dates to win the chance to play them.  But we are really close to naming and we as a committee are really excited if this does come through.  

BLIND PAIRS – 4th October – DWMC

DIVISIONAL SINGLES 11th October across three venues

PRO NIGHT 18th October.

In this weeks darts we will start in division three, the Eagle beat the new Eagle C side 9-0 and the Sportsman beat the Golden Eagle 7-2.  The Eagle, like the Northern Diamonds have started with two wins, the Diamonds beating the Old Endeavour 8-1.  The Crown B are also unbeaten, the beat the Phoenix Rising 6-3.  We are one missing result from Friday, the DSAA Hope vs DSAA C.

Division two biggest winners this week were the Boars Head A and the DSAA A.  They both won 8-1, the Boars Head A beating the Dewdrop and the DSAA beating Tilmanstone.  The Boars Head have won their first two games of the season.  In a couple of weeks the Boars Head are due to plat at Tilmanstone, but as they Tilmanstone Welfare is booked for a function the teams have agreed to reverse the fixture.

The other unbeaten side in division is the DWMC Maddogs, they beat the Hairy Crown 6-3 and the Phoenix C picked up their first win in division two with a 7-2 win against the Crown A.

In division one the Bull A, Hairy Bull and the Diamond have all started with two wins, this week the Bull a beat the Admiral Cups 6-3, the Hairy beat the Three Cups 7-2 and the Diamond beat the Old Endeavour 7-2.

The Crown Arrows picked up their first win of the season, a 6-3 against the DWMC and the Real Diamonds beat fellow newly promoted Whitfield Club 7-2.

What about 180s and big finishes, well they were only in division one this week and the were as follows.  180s from, Wayne Venes, Ben Baldwin, Paul Perkins, Josh Hackett, Dave Heath and Lee Edwards.  As for the 100+ checkouts, 116 for Kyle Manton, 140 for Dave Heath, 100 for Michael Matthews, 100 Paul Perkins, 106 for Ray Bourne and a 150 for Graham Gosling.

So fingers crossed next week ill have name to share with you for pro night!!!