20th April 2018 – League Pairs and Youth Singles – DWMC

27th April 2018 – Free week – ladies league presentation

4th May 2018 – League Singles and Ladies Singles – DWMC

Week 14

Week 14 of the Dover Invitation Darts League, and the leagues really are taking some shape. Ill start the round up in division three, with the Northern Diamonds, who continue their amazing winning streak. They are unbeaten since the opening game of the season, that’s thirteen wins on the bounce. This week it was a […]

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Message from the Malvern!

Could division one sides who have a bye each week please consider playing the old MALVERN side in a friendly. They are seeking to rejoin the league in the new year. Also, if any games are cancelled from any divisions during the week of match, please also consider a friendly. Please contact Colin Caley.