week 15

In Division two this week the Bull B had the highest result winning 9-0 against the Phoenix C, in the game Gordon Speakman and Macauley Bax both hit 180,s both play for the Bull, Crown and Sceptre beat the Boars Head B 7-2, Bull Dogs beat the Phoenix Rising 5-4, Boars Head A beat Admiral […]

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week 14

I must start this weeks blog with an apology to the Hairy Bull and the DWMC B for missing them off last week it was a human error, i am sorry. Division One saw two 9-0’s this week one of which was a pub derby, The Diamond taking the win against Real Diamond, Paul martin […]

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Due to a change in the BDO schedule the Winter Presentation Night has now had to be moved to the 27th October 2017.  The change in the schedule meant that neither Tony O'Shea or Richard Ashdown were available, and unfortunately Tony is not available on the 27th either.  However, the advantage of using Richard as our MC and booker is he has the contacts to find replacements.  We are delighted to confirm that now it wil be the 2015 BDO World Champion, Scott Mithcell, known in the darts world as Scotty Dog.  I am fully aware that many of you were excited to hear that we had Tony coming, but speaking to both Richard and Tony during the week they realy want to try and make that one happen in 2018.


Scotts website link and wikipedia page