To start with another couple of reminders for players and captains.
Please can any member of the winning team make sure all 180’s and high finishes are being passed on at time of results. Missed off could result in unhappy players. If we are not told we cannot update tables accordingly.
A polite reminder of Rule 23 and to remember to respect your committe members, we all volunteer to help run the league and wish to have a happy league with happy players.
On with the blog.
Division Two starts with both Crown and Sceptre teams winning their games. Hairy Crown beat the Boars Head A 6-3 and the Crown A beat DSAA A 5-4.  Dewdrop beat the Phoenix C 6-3 and the Tilmanstone won 5-4 against Diamond C.

Division Three and Golden Eagle were the only team to win for their pub this week they beat DSAA C 5-4, Eagle C lost 9-0 to the Crown B and Eagle A lost 6-3 to the DSAA Hope. Sportsman won 7-2 against the Northern Diamonds with Martin (Macca) hitting 180 for the sportsman. Phoenix Rising lost to DSAA Misfits 6-3.

Divsion One seems to be where the 180’s were hit this week. Bull A beat Old Endeavour 6-3, Billy Johnson of the bull hit a 104 and a 130 out shot. Well done billy. Hairy Bull beat the Real Diamonds 8-1, 180’s for Keith Mongomery and Graham Gosling of the hairy and a 111 out shot for Dave Heath also from the hairy. Crown Arrows beat the Whitfield Club 7-2 with Kyle Manton hitting 180 for the Crown. Admiral Cups lost to Phoenix PD 7-2 180’s were hit by Ricky Edwards and Jordon Townsend of the cups and Martin Mcneill of the Phoenix. Diamond beat the DWMC A 6-3 2 180’s hit by Wayne Venes of the diamond and 1 for Phil Kinnill of the DWMC.

Have a great bank holiday weekend 


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