WK 17

Division Three this week saw the top of the table change with the Carriers beating the Nelson 7-2 this puts them in the top place, Malcolm Graham hit 180. Whitfield Club dropped into second place when they lost to Phoenix Rising 5-4. DSAA Missfits beat the Crown Smithys 6-3, Eagle won 7-2 against DSAA C, Phoenix C beat Old Endeavour 5-4.

Division two and the Admiral Cups were the overall winners in their match against the DSAA A 5-4, Bob Coleman from the DSAA hit a 107 out shot. Boars Head B beat the Northern Diamonds 6-3. Bulldogs beat Tilmanstone 5-4 with Dave Jones of the Tilmanstone scoring 180. Boars Head A beat the Dewdrop Harvey 5-4.

Division one and the Diamond beat the DWMC A 6-3 this puts the Diamond 6 points clear, Brian Pearce and Darren Hyder both hit 180s for the Diamond, the Real Diamonds got their first win of the season beating Boars Head C 5-4, heres hoping it starts a winning streak for them. Boars Head Arrows beat the Hairy Bull 5-4, Carl  Booker, Dave Heath and Paul Kermode all hit 180s for the Hairy. Jim Greenway for the Arrows hit 110 out shot. Three Cups beat the Phoenix Maddogs 8-1. DWMC Oast won 6-3 against the Old Endeavour, 180s for Ray Bourne and Sean Lloyd also 111 out shot for Mark Culley. Bull A beat the Crown 6-3 with Karl Fagg hitting a 180.


  180s TON +
WK1 5 7
WK2 14 5
WK3 6 5
WK4 4 7
WK5 6 4
WK6 5 5
WK7 10 3
WK8 3 7
WK9 6 5
WK10 9 6
WK11 2 0
WK12 9 5
WK13 10 8
WK14 6 4
WK15 13 9
WK16 9 3
WK17 10 3

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