Reverse week, or revenge week

The start of the second round fixtures is always interesting to see ow the sides fared against each other the second time around.

The division one leaders, Hairy Bull played the Three Cups and won 8-1,an exact repeat of the earlier game. Michael Matthews of the Cups hit a 180 this time around.

The Diamond in second beat the Hairy Crown 9-0, compared to a 7-2 10 weeks ago. Paul Turner checked out 112, and George Clark hit a 180 in this match.

The Old Endeavour won 8-1 won against the Phoenix PD, this match was a huge swing in fortunes, the first game had ended 6-3 to the Phoenix, Ryan Lucas checked out on 107. Apparently it was 8- Forrest, just making sure that everyone knows.

The Bull A completed the double over the Admiral Cups, a 5-4 win this time. A tad tighter than the earlier game in the season which ended 6-3.

The Whitfield Cups ran out 8-1 winners against the DWMC, two 180s in the match. One a piece for the Scott brothers Morgan and Luca. This win was an improvement on their 6-3 in November.

In division two, big winners on the night was 8-1 for the Real Diamonds against the Crown A, first time around this match was 5-4 to the Diamond. The one in this game was Andy Collins, sorry Andy!

Another 8-1 on the night, this time the Boars Head A against the Endeavour Spartans. An improvement on the 6-3 last time.

The Dewdrop won 6-3 against the DSAA A, this is an exact reverse of the previous fixture so a nice turn around for the Dewdrop.

The Diamond C won 6-3 against the Crown B, Colin Townley hit a 180. Another reversal, as the Crown won that first game of the season 5-4.

Finally in division two the Bull Dogs completed the double over Tilmanstone, this victory was 5-4 compared to the 7-2 home win.

In division three the Eagle A are still unbeaten which therefore means they have completed a double. They beat the Northern Diamonds 7-2, an improvement on the 5-4.

The Red Lion have done the double on the Phoenix C, 6-3 this time with Kev Shredder Fisher hitting a 180 for the Phoenix. A repeat score of their first match.

The Eagle C lost 5-4 against the Sportsman for the second time this season and the Phoenix Rising won 6-3 against the Golden Eagle, it was 7-2 first time.

And finally in division three it was 6-3 for the DSAA Hope against the DSAA Misfits fir the second time this campaign.

Division three was the only division which all winners on the first game of the season also won on the reverse fixture.


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