Week 17

This week we start in division three, where apart from two games it seemed to be a night of 5-4,’s.
Eagle Drifters lost to the Three Cups 6-3, DSAA Wanderers got a 9-0 this week due to the Sportsman unable to field a a team, Nelson beat Carriers B 5-4, Phoenix St Paul’s won 5-4 against DSAA C with Marc Thompson hitting a 180 for Phoenix, Northern Diamonds beat Carriers A 5-4.
Division Two saw Tilmanstone beat Phoenix C 6-3, Bulldogs won 6-3 against Crown and Sceptre, Admiral Harvey B lost 4-5 to the Bull B, Phoenix Rising beat DSAA Hope 6-3, Boars Head A beat the Three Cups B 5-4 with Dave Whitside of the Cups hitting 180, in a pub derby Boars head C were winners beating the Boars Head B 7-2 Luke Jackson for the C team hit 100 out-shot.
Division one again saw nearly all 5-4 finishes apart from two matches.
Real Diamonds lost to DWMC B 5-4 with John Ross for the DWMC B hitting a 180, Bull A beat DSAA Oast 6-3 with Mick Mendham of the Oast hitting 180, Boars Head Arrows lost to the Hairy Bull 5-4, Diamond beat the Crown Maddogs 5-4 with 180’s for Mark Clayton and Wayne Venes both of the Diamond and Martin McNeil also hitting 180 for the Crown, DWMC A beat Diamond C 5-4, and the Old Endeavour had an 8-1 victory over Admiral Harvey A with John Hughes of the Endeavour hitting 180 and Louis Pearson-Whatmore hitting 180 for the Harvey.
Gemma Merrells

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