You may notice some new menus have popped up on the website, Thursday Premier League and the Sunday Night League will be part of the same website.  For me it has always made sense to have all the leagues results, fixtures and rules in one place, a real home of darts in Dover.  The Premier League has just finished so the updates are likely to begin when the new campaiagn starts in July.  Sundays finish in July so it makes sense to start when the new season starts.

Just to confirm though, this is the leagues working together and all committees will still be completely seperate. 

On with this weeks darts,

The Old Endeavour of division one were 9-0 winners against the Crown & Sceptre.  There was 180s for Martin McNeill, Baz Robinson and Ryan Lucas.  Ryan also checked out on 115.  The Old E stay top, two points ahead of the Bull A, they beat the Admiral Harvey 6-3.

Third placed Diamond played fourth placed Hairy Bull, the Diamond ran out 5-4 winners.  There were 180s for Mark Clayton and Graham "Papa G" Gosling.  AS always when these two sides play each other, the match could have gone either way.

The Boars HEad Arrows ended their 5 match losing run with a 7-2 win against the Real Diamonds.  The Diamond C lost by the same margin against the DSAA Oast.

There was a derby match at the DWMC, the B side were 6-3 winners agianst the A side.

In division two the table toppers Boars Head C were 5-4 losers against the Bull Dogs, this meant that the Bull B moved top of the  table with a 6-3 win against the Phoenix Rising.

The Admiral Harvey B were 5-4 winners agianst the Pheonix C and the Boars Head B picked up their thrid win of the season, a 6-3 ein against the DSAA Hope.

The Crown & Sceptre won 7-2 against the Boars Head A, they were the biggest winners on the night.  The final game of division two the were Tilamanstone, they won 6-3 against the Three Cups.  

Division two is very close, top and bottom.  The top three sides are all on 16 points and the bottom five sides are all on 6 points.

In divsiion three the Carriers B made up ground on the Three Cups as they had a bye.  They beat the Eagle Drifters 5-4.  The Northern Diamonds were big winners, they had a 7-2 win against the DSAA C.

The Old Endeavour are still looking for a win, they lost lost 6-3 against the DSAA Wanderers, the Carriers A lost 5-4 at home against the Sportsman.  

Our final game of week 10 round up was a 6-3 win for the Phoenix St Pauls, they beat the Nelson 6-3.

Happy darting people!


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