Rules Updated

  • Matches to be played on Fridays. 
    2. Raised oche and matchboard at all venues.
    3. Matches best of 9 games, consisting of 3 pairs followed by 6 singles. Each pairs game is best of 3 legs 501, division one best of 5 legs for singles and all other divisions best of 3 legs.  This is for a trial period of one season. 2 points awarded to the winning team. Each player can only play in one pairs and one singles game. Minimum number of players required to fulfil a fixture is 4, forfeiting one pairs and two singles. Team are requested not to cancel fixtures unless they have less than 4 players. All games must be played subject to licensed opening hours.  All licence holders are responsible for venue to be available on scheduled match dates.
     4. Bust rule applies in all competitions. 
     5. Pairs to be on the board by 8.00pm and toe the oche at 8.15pm.
     7. Teams with less than 6 players must include blanks for the draw. Games drawn with blanks will be the forfeited games.
     8. Home Team chalk.
     9. The first throw of each game is decided by the players throwing closest to the bull. The away team throw for bull first. Winner throws first in leg one and three. The loser starts the second leg. In pairs the player listed first on each pair must throw for the bull. If the first dart is in the bull or outer bull the second player can request the dart be removed from the board. If both darts land in the bull and the outer bull it is classed as a draw. Players then throw for the bull again, with the home team throwing first.
     10. Results to be shared on Facebook page with a picture of the result card.  Defaced cards will result in a void match.
     11. The opposing captains must countersign all 180’s.
     12. All games to be played on the date assigned to the fixture, unless both captains of the two sides agree to play on a different date.  All re-arranged games must be played before the original scheduled date, and the non offending team do not have to agree to play the game on any other.  
     13. The points from any cancelled Matches by teams not complying with rule 13 WILL be awarded to the non-offending team. Result 9-0.  Teams failing to turn up to matches will be deducted two points.  The committee hold the right to remove teams from the league for persistent breach of rule.
     14. League table will be based on points won in the season. If tied in any position the team who is won the most amount of games throughout the season will be in the higher position. If still tied and the position in the league is a Prize Wining position then a one Match playoff will be played at a neutral venue officiated by the committee. 
     15. If any team withdraws from the league during the first half of the season then all results including that team, including 180s and 100+ will be removed from standings.  If team pulls out in second half of season, only those game after the turn around will be removed from standings.
     16. Entrance fee to join the league is £30 per team.  New teams entry fee £60 (including a £30 deposit). £30 deposit will be returned on completion of first season. 
     17. To enter the end of season knockout Players must have attended four games during the season. The main pairs knockout must consist of two players from the same team. 
     18. Players can only play for one team during the season. In exceptional circumstances an appeal can be made which the full committee will appraise.  Landlords/Landladies are allowed to play for any sides registered to their public house throughout the league campaign only, but must only play for one side on any night.
     20. Summer league trophies will be awarded.
     21. Winter league Cash Prize Fund to be as follows: – Winners of each Division £125 – Runner Up of each Division £75
     22. The full committee will adjudicate breaches of rules or disputes throughout the season; the committee’s decision is final.
     23. Charity box to be circulated at all matches.
     Agreed on the 12th March 2012 
     Constitutional items
  • The committee should consist of five members voted in at the AGM. Part year resignations will not be filled until the next AGM unless an extraordinary general meeting is called.
  • Committee members shall not hold positions within Clubs and Pubs playing within the league that could impact on impartial decision making.  EG, sit on committees, manage or own, but not restricted to these examples.
  • Every player in the league has the right to attend AGM and Winter Registration Night.
  • Every player has the right to vote on the election of the committee at the AGM.
  • Every team that is entered in to the league has the right to vote on rules at the AGM. Strictly one vote per team.