170 Club

Ross Lowe (Tilmanstone)1st December 2023 – vs Sporting Diamonds
Dan Simms (Rock Rose)21st July 2023 – vs Bull A
Grant Channon (Old Endeavour Eagles)2nd December 2022 – vs Boars Head A
Lee Edwards (Diamond C)14th October 2022 – vs Crown Misfits
Mark Cully (Old Endeavour)5th April 2019 – vs Hairy Bull
Tony Lewis (Old Endeavour)25th May 2018 – vs Three Cups
Wayne Venes (The Diamond)20th April 2018 – League Pairs
Billy Bristow (Three Cups)16th March 2018 – vs Admiral Harvey A
Paul Martin (The Diamond)24th March 2017 – League Pairs
Jeff Such (Real Diamonds)11th November 2016 vs Hairy Bull
Martin McNeil (Phoenix Mad Dogs)9th September 2016 vs Boars Head Arrows
Michelle Galvin (Boars Head C)22nd April 2016 vs The Malvern
Andy Nunn (Diamond Whites)3rd October 2014 – Team Knockout vs Bull Dogs
Ross Lowe (The Archer)22nd March 2013 – League Singles
Ritchie Buckle (Hairy Bull)21st October 2011 vs Diamond
Paul Perkins (Malvern)3rd June 2011 vs Oast Cottage
Warren Kingsnorth (Bull Dogs)6th May 2011 vs The Priory A
Ritchie Buckle (Hairy Bull)10th December 2010 vs The Archer
Peter Taylor (Boars Head A)17th September 2010 vs Three Cups B
Paul Perkins (Malvern)17th September 2010 vs The Bull A
Kevin Green (Diamond)23rd July 2010 vs The Three Cups A