Its the half way point of the seaon, and we are staring in division one this week.

Top of the table Old Endeavour were 7-2 winners against the DWMC A.  Ray Bourne hit a couple of maximums on the 19s in the match, but his team mate Tony Lewis hit a 180.  The Old Endeavour are two points clear of the Bull A, completing the first half of the season unbeaten.  The Bull's only defeat has obviously only been against the Old Endeavour.  This week they were also 7-2 winners, they beat the Boars Head Arrows.

There were a couple of 180s, Paul Perkins and Ash Battoe hit them, a 115 checkout from Del Palmer and a 120 from Gary Mills.

Mark Clayton of the DIamond hit two 180s and now takes the lead in the 180 table, the Diamond were 7-2 winners against the DSAA Oast.

The Real Diamonds won for the first time, they beat the Crown Maddogs 6-3, and the Haory Bull beat the Admiral Harvey 7-2.  180 from Ryan Short in this match and a 100 checkout from Carl Booker.

In the final game of division one the DWMC B beat the Diamond C 6-3, Mark Comley checked out on 109.  In our weekly fake news from the DIamond C results, Teresa Brown hit another 170 checkout.

In divison two the Bull B and the Crown & Sceptre take the top two positions on 18 points.  The Bull B beat the Boars Head C 5-4, who are in third place.  The Crown were 6-3 winners against the Phoenix Rising.

Fourth placed Bull Dogs beat the Admiral Harvey, Warren Kingsnnorth hit a 180.  Good noght for the Boars Head sides, the A side beat Tilamsntone 6-3 and the B side beat the Three Cups by the same margin.  The DSAA Hope beat the Phoenix C 5-4, meaning now at the bottom of division two there are six sides withon two points of each other.

In division three the Three Cups are flying, they beat the Old Endeavour 9-0.  Hot on their heels, just two points behind are the Carriers B.  Ian Maxwell hit a 114 finish and Tracey Redman checked out on 90 finishing on the bull.

The Carriers are two points clear of third placed Phoenix St Pauls, they beat the DSAA Wanderers 7-2.  The fourth placed Nelson were tight 5-4 winners against the Carriers A and finally the Eagle Drifters beat the DSAA C 7-2.


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