THE HOARS BED 22 20 2 133 65 40
FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX 22 19 3 133 65 38
CROWN B 22 17 5 122 76 34
PAULS BLACK CATS 22 11 11 105 93 22
BULL MONTY 22 11 11 98 100 22
CRICKETERS 22 11 11 95 103 22
DSAA HOPE 22 11 11 94 104 22
DOVER SEA BAX 22 11 11 94 104 22
PHOENIX RISING 22 8 14 91 107 16
PHOENIX SPARTANS 22 6 16 81 117 12
GOLDEN EAGLE 22 6 16 81 117 12
THE BOARS HORS 22 3 19 67 131 6

8th March

Boars Hors3-6Hoars Bed
Cricketrers6-3Phoenix Spartans
Sea Bax4-5FOP
Pauls Black Cats4-5Bull Monty
Phoenix Rising3-6Crown B
Golden Eagle5-4DSAA Hope

1st March

Hoars Bed9-0Golden Eagle
DSAA Hope6-3Phoenix rising
Crown B3-6Pauls Black Cats
Bull Monty3-6Sea Bax
Hors bed1-8Cricketers

23rd February

Phoenix Rising4-5Hoars Bed
Golden Eagle4-5Boars Hors
Spartans3-6Bull Monty
Sea Bax6-3Crown B
Pauls Black Cats7-2DSAA Hope

16th February

Boars Hors5-4Phoenix Rising
Hoars Bed5-4Pauls Black Cats
DSAA Hope4-5Sea Bax
Crown B8-1Spartans
Bull Monty3-6FOP
Golden Eagle3-6Cricketers

9th February

Sea Bax0-9Hoars Bed
Pauls Black Cats5-4Boars Hors
Phoenix Rising5-4Golden Eagle
Cricketers3-6Bull Monty
FOP4-5Crown B
Spartans4-5DSAA Hope

2nd February

Golden Eagle5-4Pauls Black Cats
Boars Hors6-3Sea Bax
Hoars Bed6-3Spartans
Crown B6-3Bull Monty
Phoenix Rising6-3Cricketers

26th January

FOP2-7Hoars Bed
Spartans5-4Boars Hors
Sea Bax5-4Golden Eagle
Black Cats6-3Phoenix Rising
Cricketers5-4Crown B
Bull Monty5-4DSAA Hope

19th January

Phoenix Rising4-5Sea Bax
Golden Eagle4-5Spartans
Boars Hors3-6FOP
Hoars Bed6-3Bull Monty
DSAA Hope3-6Crown B
Pauls Black Cats4-5Cricketers

12th January

Crown B4-5Hoars Bed
Bull Monty5-4Boars Hors
FOP7-2Golden Eagle
Spartans4-5Phoenix Rising
Sea Bax5-4Pauls Black Cats
Cricketers A6-3DSAA Hope

5th January

Pauls Black Cats7-2Phoenix Spartans
Phoenix Rising1-8FOP
Golden Eagle6-3Bull Monty
Boars Hors2-7Crown B
Hoars Bed6-3DSAA Hope
Sea Bax5-4Cricketers A

8th December

Cricketers A3-6Hoars Bed
DSAA Hope6-3Boars Hors
Crown B8-1Golden Eagle
Bull Monty3-6Phoenix Rising
FOP6-3Pauls Black Cats
Spartans5-4Sea Bax

1st December

Hoars Bed9-0Boars Hors
FOP9-0Sea BAx
Bull Monty7-2Pauls Black Cats
Crown B5-4Phoenix Rising
DSAA Hope5-4Golden Eagle

24th November 2023

Golden Eagle4-5Hoars Bed
Phoenix Rising4-5DSAA Hope
Black Cats4-5Crown B
Sea Bax4-5Bull Monty
Cricketers7-2Hoars Bors

17th November 2023

Hoars Bed7-2Phoenix Rising
Boars Hors2-7Golden Eagle
FOP5-4Cricketers A
Bull Monty6-3Sportsman
Crown B6-3Sea Bax
DSAA Hope6-3Black Cats

10th November 2023

Phoenix Rising6-3Boars Hors
Pauls Black Cats5-4Boars Bed
Sea Bax5-4DSAA Hope
Phoenix Spartans4-5Crown B
Flight of Phoenix6-3Bull Monty
Cricketers5-4Golden Eagle

3rd November 2023

Hoars Bed6-3Sea BAx
Boars Hors2-7Pauls Black Cats
Golden Eagle4-5Phoenix Rising
Bull Monty2-7Cricketers
Crown B3-6Flight of Phoenix
DSAA Hope6-3Phoenix Spartans

27th October 2023

Pauls Black Cats7-2Golden Eagle
Sea Bax5-4Boars Hors
Phoenix Spartans4-5Hoars Bed
Flight of Phoenix8-1DSAA Hope
Bull Monty3-6Crown B
Cricketers3-6Phoenix Rising

20th October 2023

Hoars Bed5-4FOP
Boars Hors3-6Phoenix Spartans
Golden Eagle5-4Dover Sea Bax
Phoenix Rising4-5Black Cats
Crown B7-2Cricketers
DSAA Hope5-4Bull Monty

13th October 2023

Sea Bax4-5Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Spartans4-5Golden Eagle
Flight of the Phoenix7-2Boars Hors
Bull Monty3-6Hoars Bed
Crown B6-3DSAA hope
Cricketers4-5Pauls Black Cats

6th October 2023

Hors Bed4-5Crown B
Boars Hoars3-6Bull Monty
Golden Eagle3-6Flight of the Phoenix
Phoenix Rising4-5Phoenix Spartans
Pauls Black Cats5-4Sea Bax
DSAA Hope5-4Cricketers

22nd September 2023

Phoenix Spartans5-4Pauls Black Cats
Flight of the Phoenix6-3Phoenix Rising
Bull Monty6-3Golden Eagle
Crown B7-2Boars Hors
DSAA Hope4-5Hoars Bed
Cricketers3-6Dover Sea Bax

15th September 2023

Hoars Bed7-2Cricketers
Boars Hors4-5DSAA Hope
Golden Eagle2-7Crown B
Phoenix Rising4-5Bull Monty
Pauls Black Cats4-5Flight of Phoenix
Sea Bax8-1Phoenix Spartans