Divisional Singles Results – Matches v Scotty Dog Confirmed

Wayne Venes, Jason Davey and Marc Thorpe won the divisional singles on Friday, they and the runners up have all won the chance to play Scott Mitchell on the 27th October.  Runners up were John Ross, Tony Kemp and Billy Bristow.

Full draw from all three knockouts can be found on the divisional singles page.  Click Here

Confirmed line up to date for the 27th October, note this is not the running order.  Brackets are entrance songs known to date.

  1. Sean Lloyd
  2. Kevan Hackett
  3. Ash Battie
  4. Martin Salmons
  5. Wayne Venes
  6. John Ross (Dallas theme)
  7. Jason Davey
  8. Tony Kemp
  9. Marc Thorp
  10. Billy Bristow (Sherry Baby)

We have six more to confirm, one draw from each knockout is to be made, which is every player in that hat from each KO.  Any player who has already won a place can not win a second place.  This will be done on Friday with a Facebook Live stream.

One place is to be agreed by the Committee and finally one will be drawn on the night.

Thanks for your support, hope you are all looking forward to the Pro Night.

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