Week 8

Due to a change in the BDO schedule the Winter Presentation Night has now had to be moved to the 27th October 2017.  The change in the schedule meant that neither Tony O'Shea or Richard Ashdown were available, and unfortunately Tony is not available on the 27th either.  However, the advantage of using Richard as our MC and booker is he has the contacts to find replacements.  We are delighted to confirm that now it wil be the 2015 BDO World Champion, Scott Mithcell, known in the darts world as Scotty Dog.  I am fully aware that many of you were excited to hear that we had Tony coming, but speaking to both Richard and Tony during the week they realy want to try and make that one happen in 2018.



Scotts website link and wikipedia page

To win the chance to play Scott there are four events,






On with this weeks darts.

Starting in division three, where the Phoenix St Pauls were the biggest winners, they beat the Old Endeavour 8-1, the Endeavour are still looking for a win.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Three Cups, they won for the eigth game in a row, they beat the Carriers B 6-3.  The Carriers B were unbeaten until this match, a pretty decent start to the seaon themselves.  Jamie Breeden checked out on 109 for the Cups.

The Sportsman made the trip up the hill to take on the Norther Diamonds.  They ran out 7-2 winners and the match included a few decent checkouts.  A Hulse checked out on 102, R Marvel on 100, both for the Diamond.  There was also a 100 checkout last week for the Northern Daimonds Tony Clark recieved after the blog was done.

There was a 6- win for the DSAA Wanderers, they beat the DSAA C 6-3.  This was the Wanderers first win of the season.

The final game of division three was a 5-4 win for the Eagle against the Carriers A.

In division two the Boars Head C are top of the table, they beat the Phoenix C 6-3, there was a 104 checkout for John "Tefal" Down.  They lead the Boars Head b by two points, this wek they beat the Three Cups 7-2, no 180s but there was a 171 from John Petts of the Bull.

Dave Jones of Tilmanstone hit a 180, however his side lost their home match against the Admiral Harvey 5-4.  The Crown & Sceptre won by the same margin against the DSAA Hope.  Laurence Court of the Phoenix Rising hit a 180, however his side lost 7-2 against the Boars Head A.

 The Bull Dogs bounced back from last weeks defeat against Tilmanstone to win 7-2 against the Boars Head B.  

In division one the top two and only unbeaten sides in the divsion, The Old Endeavour and The Bull A faced each other.  The Old Endeavour were 4-2 down but came back to ein the match 5-4.  There was a 180 fro  Joihn Hughes, 120 checkout from Kevan Hackett and a 100 from Seaon Lloyd.  Sounds like a cracking game!

Third placed Diamond were 7-2 winners against the Diamond C and the fourth placed Hairy Bull were 8-1 winners against the DWMC A.  Carl Booker of the Hairy hit a 180.  The Hairy were the biggest winners in divison one on the night.

The DSAA Oast won 7-2 winners against the Crown Maddogs and the Admiral Harvey picked up a much needed win against the winless Real Diamonds 5-4.  Ricky Edwards, Kerry Burdett, and Louis Pearson all hit 180s in the match and Jimmy Yarwood checked out on 144.

DWMC B were 7-2 winners against the Boars Head Arrows, Jim Greenway hit a 180 for the Arrows.  The Arrows won their first four games of the season, but they have now gone four without a win.

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