7th Feb round up.

Another week of darts, and as we reach the later we enter the latter end of the season we are really seeing who is hunting for glory, and who is looking at the dreaded drop.

In division one the Hairy Bull and the Diamond are top of the table with both losing just the one game to date. This week the Hairy Bull beat the Bull A 6-3 and the Diamond beat the Old Endeavour 7-2.

The Hairys match included 180 from Papa G and Dave Heath, whilst big checkouts included a 107 from Papa G and a 107 from Carl Booker in a 15 dart leg.

Third placed Whitfield Cups lost to the Phoenix PD 5-4, 180s in this match for Robbie Herbert, Paul Perkins and Luca Scott. 142 checkout from Jason Davey, AKA Penfold.

The Admiral Cups won 8-1 against the DWMC Maddogs, the Dogs are now bottom of the table as well. This is because the Three Cups are on a winning streak making it two on the bounce, this week a 5-4 against the Hairy Crown.

180 in this match from Mike Matthews and a 116 checkout from Dave Geeler.

In division two the Real Diamonds are four points at the top of the table, they beat the DSAA 5-4 this week. They did race to a 5-0 lead in that match as well. Doug Isaacs of the DSAA checked out on 117.

The Boars Head A and Bull Dogs are joint second. This week the Boars Head beat the Crown B 8-1, Mick Cock hit a 180. The Bull Dogs won 7-2 against the Diamond C.

Not all bad news for the Crown on the night though, the A side travelled Tilmanstone and won 8-1.

The Dewdrop won 7-2 against the Endeavour Spartans. Steve Reeves hit a 180 in the match as well.

Interesting at the bottom of division two, the Crown B winning two games on four points. Then after that the next four side are only split by 2 points, one win.

In division three the Eagle A are only a couple of wins away from promotion at very least and are definitely in the driving seat for winning the league ahead of the Red Lion.

They are two points ahead of the Red Lion and six points ahead of the Sportsman in third. They beat the Phoenix Rising 9-0 this week, Jamie Yelverton hit a 100 checkout, his third 100+ this season.

The Red Lion were also big winners, they beat the DSAA Misfits 8-1, the Misfits are joint bottom of division three with the Golden Eagle on two points. The Golden Eagle lost by that same margin against the Sportsman.

8-1 must have been the score of the day, the Phoenix C won by that margin against the Eagle C and last but not least the DSAA Hope won 5-4 against the Northern Diamonds.

Happy darting people, as I write this on Valentine day, love to you all!

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