Turn around week!

Its the turnaround of the season, a chance to get revenge for the first half of the season. Did anyone manage it?

In division three the Crown B suffered defeat for the first time this season, they lost 5-4 against the Sportsman. This was a chance for the Northern Diamonds to close the gap on them, but they also lost 5-4 against the Phoenix Rising. Luca Scott won the final game of the match for the Phoenix. These two results are exact reverses of the first game of the season.

The Eagle beat the DSAA C 9-0 for the second time this season, the Old Endeavour won 8-1 against the Eagle C. In the first round of matches the Eagle C won that match 7-2.

The DSAA Hope completed the double against the DSAA Misfits, they won 7-2.

In division two the Phoenix C beat the Diamond C 5-4, revenging the 7-2 defeat earlier in the season, the Bull Dogs completed a 5-4 against the Crown A, a repeat scoreline. Shane Bryce of the Crown checked out on 114.

The Boars Head A beat the DSAA A 6-3, another repeat first week score. There was a Dave Buddle checked out on 105 and Roy Waymark hit a maximum 171 on the 19s.

There was a no show from Tilmanstone against the Workies.

In division one there was only one team that reversed the score from the first half of the season, The Crown Arrows beat the Three Cups 6-3.

The Hairy Bull won 5-4 against the Old Endeavour, 180 from Ray Bourne of the Old E. The Diamond beat Real Diamonds 9-0, Paul Martin hit a 180 and Kev Down checked out on 125.

The Bull A won 7-2 against the Whitfield Club and the DWMC A won 6-3 against the Phoenix PD, Aaron Quinton of the Workies checked out on 110.

Paul T

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