Week 11-, Hairy Bull, Hairy Crown and Crown B top tables at half waypoint

We reached the halfway point of the season and what a cracking first half of the season it has been.

The Hairy Bull are now clear top of the table in division one after a 5-4 win against the Diamond. Dave Heath beat Brian Pearce in the final leg of the match, Brian had took a 1-0 lead with a 118 checkout.

The Old Endeavour are third, they beat the Crown Arrows 5-4, there was a 180 for Ray Bourne, a 143 checkout for Al Terry and a 126 Jim Greenway. The Bull A are in fourth, they beat the Real Diamonds 6-3. Tony Selby hit a 180 for the Bull, and Andy Collins checked out on 118 for the Real Diamonds.

The DWMC A beat the Admiral Cups 7-2, whilst they did lose in the match, Wayne Anderton and Ricky Edwards both hit 180s for the Cups. In the final game of division one the Phoenix PD beat the Three Cups 6-3. Mark lemming hit his second 180 of the season for the Cups.

In division two the Hairy Crowns superb form continues and they move top of the table above the DWMC MAddogs. The 6-3 win against the Crown Arrows and the Boars Head A win by the same margin against the Maddogs moved them to the top of the tree.

The Bull Dogs won 6-3 against the Phoenix C, Brad bough hit a 180 for the Bulldogs. The Diamond C beat the Dewdrop 6-3, and rather surprisingly a hear that Teresa Brown won her first ever singles. For someone that hits so many 180s and 170 checkouts and I find it hard to believe!! 🙂

The Crown B had no game this week, but have won their first ten games of the season. They are closely followed by Northern Diamonds who won 9-0 this week against the Eagle C. The Sportsman won 7-2 against the Phoenix Rising Josh Firth and Shaun Mayes both hit 180s for the Sportsman!

The DSAA Misfits beat the Eagle 5-4 and sit fourth in the tabla and last but not least the DSAA Hope beat the Golden Eagle 7-2.

Paul T

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