New season underway

And we are off, another season of darts on Friday is underway.

Before we start with results blog this week, I will give you a small roundup of team changes and new sides.

In division one, the former Oast side have moved from the Dewdrop and now play at the DWMC. In division two, the old Admiral Harvey A side have moved to the Three Cups and are known as the Admiral Cups, the Admiral Harvey B are now the Dewdrop Harvey and the Carriers B are now the DSAA A.

In division three we welcome a new sides at the Eagle and the Whitfield Club.

We will start our darts round up in division three, with the Eagle being the biggest winners on the night, they won 9-0 against the DSAA Misfits. All the other results received were 5-4, the Old Endeavour beating Phoenix Rising, Whitfield Club beating Sportsman and Phoenix C beating the Crown Smiffys.

Lawerence Court of the Phoenix Rising hit a 105 checkout.

In division two the Boars Head B beat the Boars Head A 5-4 in the first derby game of the season. Biggest winners in the division were the Hairy Crown, they won 7-2 against the Tilmanstone.

DSAA A won 5-4 against the Diamond, Dave Cheeseman checked out on 118 for the Diamond. Paul Culley of the Norther Diamonds hit a 180 in his sides 6-3 win against the DSAA Hope.

The Bull Dogs were 6-3 winners as well, they beat the Dewdrop Harvey.

In division one there were 180s by Ryan Short of the Hairy Bull, Paul Turner of the Diamond, Jamie Mears of the DWMC Oast and Ray Bourne of the Old Endeavour. There were six big checkouts, Mark Clayton of the Diamond 122, Michelle Galvin of the Crown 121, Andy Howell of the Bull A 116, Ryan Short of the Hairy Bull 107 , Bob Oliver of DWMC 107 and Aaron Quinton of the DWMC 102.

Results wise the Old Endeavour were biggest winners, 9-0 vs Phoenix Maddogs and the DWMC vs the Real Diamonds. Boars Head Arrows beat the Boars Head C 6-3 and the Three Cups won by the same margin against fellow promotion winners the Crown & Sceptre.

The Diamond won a yo-yo match 5-4 against the DWMC Oast and the Bull A won by the same margin against the Hairy Bull.

Happy darting people!


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