Week 2

In to week two of the new summer darts campaign, and there has been some top darts already with plenty of 180s, big checkouts and legs completed in low number of darts.

Starting this week in division two, the Bull Dogs made it two wins in as many weeks with a 5-4 win against the Hairy Crown.   The Boars Head B also made it two out of two, Mick Barnes hit a 106 checkout in his sides 5-4 win against the DSAA A.

Micks 106 wasn’t the highest on the night, Wayne Anderton checked out on 110 for the Admiral Cups in their 6-3 win against the Dewdrop Harvey.  Ricky Edwards hit a 180 for the Cups in their first leg match of the season.

Tilmanstone beat the Diamond C 6-3, and the Boars Head A won by the same scoreline against the DSAA Hope.  The Diamond C, Dewdrop Harvey and the DSAA Hope have all started with two defeats.

In division three we have two results missing, last weeks DSAA C v Nelson and this weeks Phoenix Rising v Eagle.

New side Whitfield Club made it two wins out of two with a cracking 9-0 win against the Old Endeavour.   Phoenix C have also won the first two games, they beat the Nelson 6-3.

The Carriers first game of the season was a 5-4 win against the DSAA Misfits, Malcolm Graham hit a 180 for the Carriers.  The Sportsman bounced back from last weeks defeat to beat the Crown Smiffys 6-3.

Three sides in division one have started with two wins, Diamond, Bull A and the Boars Head Arrows.

The Bull A beat the Three Cups 7-2, Andy Mcnicholas of the BUll A, Luke Blyhte and Marc Thorp of the Cups all hit 180s in this match.  Brian Pearce and Darren Hyder of the Diamond hit 180s and Ben Baldwin checked out on 104 for the Diamond in their 7-2 win against the Crown & Sceptre.

Kyle and Blake Manton hit a 14 leg game of pairs in the Boars Head Arrows 6-3 win against the DWMC.  Tony Earl of the Workies checked out on 109 and hit a 180.

Phoenix Maddogs won for the first time this season, the beat the Real Diamonds 5-4 , the DWMC Oast won 8-1 against the Boars Head C.  Three 180s in this match, Adam Cork and Steve Roberts of the Oast and Charlie Wells of the Boars Head.

In the final game of division one the Hairy Bull beat the Old Endeavour 6-3, there was 180s for Dave Heath of Hairy, Al Terry of Old E and hit team mate Baz Robinson checked out on 120.

I make that 13 180s this week and 5 ton plus checkouts.  We will keep track of this over the coming season to see the best week for the whole league

  180s TON +
WK1 5 7
WK2 13 5



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