Turn around – will there be revenge

The latest round of fixtures was the turnaround week, teams will be seeking revenge for earlier defeats whilst others would be looking at completing the double.

In division three it was a repeat of the first half of the season, all sides that one the first time around won this time as well.

The carriers b completed the double over the Carriers A with an 8-1, the Sportsman won 9-0 against the DSAA C, and the Northern Diamonds won 6-3 against the win less Old Endeavour.

The Three Cups are still unbeaten, they beat the Phoenix St Pauls 5-4, and finally the Nelson beat the Wanderers 7-2.

Division two was slightly different. The Phoenix C, Boars Head A and Tilmanstone Welfare Club all completed doubles. The Phoenix C beat the Three Cups 5-4, Boars Head A beat the Boars Head B 7-2 and the Tilmanstone Club beat the Phoenix Rising 7-2.

Reversing the results from first time around were the Boars Head C beating the Admiral Harvey 5-4, DSAA Hope beating the Bull Dogs 5-4 and the Bull B beat the Crown & Sceptre 7-2.

There was one big checkout in division two on the night, a 102 from Mike Smith of the Boars Head C.

In division one only the Real Diamonds completed the turn around, they beat the DWMC A 6-3. There was a couple of 9-0s on the night, the Old Endeavour beat the Diamond C and the Diamond beat the DWMC B.

The Bull A were also big winners, they won 8-1 against the against the Crown Maddogs. The Hairy Bull were 7-2 winners against the Oast Cottage and finally the Boars Head Arrows were 63 winners against the Admiral Harvey.

Big checkouts in division one were 118 from Jim Greenway, 110 from Dave Gealer. There were 180s from Dave Heath, Wayne Venes, Brian Pearce Kevan Hackett and Ash Battie.

Next week the blog will be from Pete Phillips.

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