In to week seven of the fixtures of the Summer Season and there has been plenty of big scores and high finishes and this week is no difference.

Starting in division three there were three 180s on the night, two from the Nelson. Archie Dryden and Colin Snelling hit them in their 6-3 against the DSAA C.

The biggest win in division three came from the Three Cups who were 8-1 winners against the Sportsman, Mike Matthews hit a 180 for the Cups.

Second placed Carriers B were 6- winners against the DSAA Wanderers, the same scoreline as the Carriers A who beat the Old Endeavour.

One more 6-3 on the night, the Northern Diamonds beat the Eagle Drifters.

In division two the Boars Head B won for the first time this season, they beat the Phoenix C 7-2, they were 2-1 down after the pairs and won all six singles.

The Boars Head C won by the same score, they beat the Boars Head A. The Boars Head C are top of the table by two points at the moment.

7-2 seemed to be the score of the night in division two, Tilmanstone beat the Bull Dogs by that margin, as did Bull b against the DSAA Hope. Tony Gibbs hit a 180 for the Bull.

Three Cups were 5-4 winners against the Phoenix Rising, Jordan Breeden winning the all important fifth game of the night to seal the win.

In the final game from division two the Crown & Sceptre beat the Admiral Harvey B 6-3, Bob Barrington hit a 180 for the Harvey and Karl Fagg checked out on 116 for the Crown.

In division one the score of the night was 8-1, four were recorded in total.

The leaders, Old Endeavour beat the Real Diamonds, there was a 180 for Ray Bourne, a 117 checkout for Sean Lloyd and a 116 for Al Terry, all for the Old E.

Second placed Bull A were also 8-1 winners, they beat the DWMC B. No 180s, but Del Palmer hit a maximum on the 19s, Andy McNicolas checked out on 118 and Sean Harrell of the Workies checked out on 164, going 57,57, bull.

The Diamond are up to third, they won 8-1 against the DWMC A. Marl Clayton and Wayne Venes both hit 180s in the match. I wouldn’t normally mention players hitting big scores and finishes in the warm up, but hats of to Wayne Venes, three throws back to back were, 180, 180, 141 checkout. 9 amazing darts, lets have one in match as well buddy.

The final 8-1 was from the Hairy Bull, they beat the Crown Maddogs. There was a 180 for Mark Smith of the Maddogs and a 102 checkout for Graham Gosling of the Hairy Bull.

The Diamond C were 6- winners against the Admiral Harvey, Louis Pearson hit a 180 for the Harvey.

The final game of the night was a 6-3 win for the DSAA Oast, they beat the Boars Head Arrows. There was a couple of nice checkouts in the match, a 113 from Steve Roberts and a 147 from Lee Swimbourne.

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