6th March update

Starting our round up in division three this week, as we now know our champions and likely runners up. Despite losing 5-4 to the Phoenix C the Eagle A are promoted as champions.

Runners up are likely to be the Red Lion, we don’t know the Sportsman v DSAA Hope result but the Lion are six points clear of the Sportsman as it stands after their 7-2 win against the Golden Eagle.

The Phoenix Rising had a cracking a 5-4 win against the Northern Diamonds.

In division two the Real Diamonds only need one more win and they are crowned champions, they also need that win to confirm they are promoted as the Boars Head A and the Bull Dogs are just four points behind them.

The Real Diamonds won 5-4 against the Tilamsntone, the Boars Head won 8-1 against the Crown A and the Bull Dogs lost 5-4 against the Endeavour Spartans.

Other winners on the night were the Diamond C winning 6-3 against the DSAA A, and the Dewdrop won 7-2 against the Crown B.

In division one the Diamond won 5-4 against the Admiral Cups, Jim Penman hit a 180 and the Old Endeavour beat the Hairy Bull 5-4. This makes tonights game between the Diamond and the Hairy Bull tonight with the winners in the driving seat for the title.

Interesting in the Hairy Bull fixture last week that there was 180s from Carl Booker, Graham Gosling and Dave Heath. They have all hit five this season, its like their own mini rival is taking place.

Biggest winners on the night was the Phoenix PD beat the DWMC Maddogs 9-0 and Whitfield Cups won for the first time since 31st January , winning 7-2 against the Three Cups.

Finally, the Bull A won 8-1 against the Hairy Crown.

Paul T

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