Winter week 1


This week I start the round up with a big thank you from the committee for all your support at the end of last season with some super numbers at knockouts rounded off with a brilliant pro night with Tony O’Shea at the DWMC.  Once again we had the pleasure of a real gentleman come to our town, who had time for absolutely everybody.  Richard Ashdown has been trying hard to bring Tony to Dover, who is very busy on the BDO tour but also the exhibition circuit, and I think the wait was worth it in the end.

After the main event and catching up with both Tony and Richard with one last beer, they were telling me that pro nights in the local leagues is less and less of occurrence, mainly down to the fact that leagues need huge support from sponsors, venues and also the players of the league.  We have all of these, which is why we are at very early stages of making arrangements for next year.

Ok, on with the darts which we will focus mainly on those sides that have moved between the leagues to see how they are getting on.

in division three the DSAA Hope who were relegated from division two were 6-3 winners against the DSAA Misfits and the Northern Diamonds won 7-2 against the Old Endeavour.  The Northern Diamonds had a brief stint of one season in division two, and along with the Hope will be among the runners for promotion.

I think the Phoenix C will also be in with a shout this year, they beat the Phoenix Rising 5-4, and the biggest winners on the night were the Nelson who won 9-0 against the Eagle B.  The Eagle A lost 5-4 against the DSAA C to finsih the round up of division three.

In division two the newly promoted sides are the Dewdrop C and the Whitfield Club.  This week the Dewdrop C beat their pub rivals the Dewdrop Harvey 5-4 and the Whitfield Club beat the DSAA 6-3.  There was a 180 for Robbie Herbert for the Whitfield Club, team mate Lee Crone checked out on 109 and Nathan Grant of the Dewdrop C hit a 180.

The Real Diamonds were relegated from division one and they beat the Crown & Sceptre B 8-1, Jim Yarwood hit a 180 for Real.  Not all good news for the Diamond on the night thought, the C side lost 6-3 against the Phoenix Maddogs who were also relegated from division one.  Dave Cheeseman of the Diamond C checked out on 116.

The Bull Dogs were 7-2 winners against Tilmanstone in the final game of division two.

In division one the Hairy Crowns first game in division one was against the current champions the Diamond.  The Diamond ran out 9-0 winners and there was a 180 for Paul Turner.

Also newly promoted the Admiral Cups were in action, they lost 9-0 as well, against the Hairy Bull.  Graham Gosling hit two 180s, Paul Kermode hit one 180 all for the Hairy.

The Bull A were 5-4 winners against the Three Cups, Gary Mills hit a 180 and Kevan Hackett checked out on 118, both for the Bull A.

The battle of the Workies sides went 8-1 in favour of the Workies Oast.  Mark Comley checked out on 104 for the A side and Andy Smith of the Oast hit two 180s.

The Phoenix PD beat the Crown & Sceptre 6-3, highlight of this match was a 104 checkout by Darren Bought of the Phoenix.  In the final game of the night the Crown Arrows were 5-4 winners against the Old Endeavour.  Dave Pollock of the Arrows and Ray Bourne of the Endeavour both hit 180s.

Below is the number of 180s and big finishes for this season by weeks, and underneath that is the summary of last season.  Last season the most 180s in a week was 14 in week two, and the week with the most ton+ checkouts was week 15 with 9.


  180s TON +
WK1 12 5

Summer 2018

  180s TON +
WK1 5 7
WK2 14 5
WK3 6 5
WK4 4 7
WK5 6 4
WK6 5 5
WK7 10 3
WK8 3 7
WK9 6 5
WK10 9 6
WK11 2 0
WK12 9 5
WK13 10 8
WK14 7 4
WK15 13 9
WK16 10 4
WK17 10 3
WK18 12 5
WK19 5 2
WK20 7 3
WK21 10 5
WK22 2 8
TOTAL 165 110

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