To all players I extend my deepest apologies for there being no blog the last few weeks. This was due to kids being off, full time jobs etc etc. WE ARE BACK!!!!

Please can I remind all teams that when cancelling a game as much notice is to be given as possible, Rule 13 and 14.  May I also remind you that 4 players constitutes a team so therefore the game can be played.
Now the boring bits are done lets get to the interesting bits.

Division One this week saw Wayne Veness from the Diamond hit his 7th & 8th 180 so far this season which puts him top in the 180 standings just one ahead of Dave Heath who’s second on 7. Wayne also hit a 12 darter in his game and Paul Turner a fellow team mate hit a 180, Diamond won 7-2 Beating the Real Diamond. Hairy Bull beat the Phoenix Maddogs 9-0 with Ryan Short of the Hairy hitting 180 and team mate Graham Gosling with an 105 outshot. Another 9-0 win went to the Boars Head Arrows against the Crown & Sceptre with Kyle Manton of the Arrows hitting a 106 finish. Old Endeavour beat the Boars Head C 8-1. The Bull A won their match against DWMC Oast 5-4 in a remarkable come back after being 4-1 down, Lee Swinbourne from the Oast hit a 180. DWMC won 5-4 against the Three Cups with John Ross hitting a 120 outshot for the Workies and Luke Blythe hit a 180 for the Cups.

Division Two saw three teams win 7-2 this week. First up is the Admiral Cups extend there lead to 6 pts at the top with a win against Boars Head B, Ricky Edwards hit a 180 for the Cups. Then we have another Diamond derby, Diamond C beating the Northern Diamonds 7-2 with Phil Cheeseman hitting a 180 for the C team. The last 7-2 win went to the DSSA A against the Bulldogs. DSSA Hope beat the Hairy Crown 6-3 and the final game saw Boars Head B beat Tilmanstone 5-4.

Division Three  the Carriers keep up the pressure on the Whitfield Club who sit top, by beating the Crown Smiffy’s 9-0. Whitfield Club also won 9-0 against the DSSA Misfits but have played one game more than the Carriers both sitting on 26pts . Old Endeavour won 7-2 against DSAA C. Phoenix C won 8-1 against the Sportsman and the Nelson beat the Eagle 7-2.

Due to family commitments next week can I please ask that all results are in by Sunday as that’s the only day I can write a blog.

Many thanks.
Gemma + Pete

  180s TON +
WK1 5 7
WK2 14 5
WK3 6 5
WK4 4 7
WK5 6 4
WK6 5 5
WK7 10 3
WK8 3 7
WK9 6 5
WK10 9 6
WK11 2 0
WK12 9 5
WK13 10 8
WK14 6 4
WK15 13 9
WK16 8 3


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