Week 7 – 5 180s in one match

The round seven of fixtures starts in division one, with a 6-3 win for the Boars Head Arrows against the leaders the Bull A.  The game was littered with quality darts and included three 180s for Lee Ware and two 180s for Kyle Manton.  Kyle also checked out on 112.

This result combined with Hairy Bull and Diamond wins means that they along with the Bull A are joint top.  The Hairy Bull beat the beat the Three Cups 6-3, Pappa G checked out on 130.   No 180s in that game but Luke Blythe did hit a 177.  The Diamond beat the Phoenix Maddogs 9-0, Jim Penman hit a 180.

The DWMC A beat the Boars Head C 8-1 and Andrew Smith of the DWMC Oast hit a 180 in their 8-1 win against the Real Diamonds.

In the final game of division one the Old Endeavour were also 8-1 winners, they beat the Crown Sceptre, Sean Lloyd of the Old E checked out on 110.  

In division two the Bull Dogs are still top of the shop, they beat the Boars Head A 5-4.  No 180s, beat a maximum on the 19s for Terry Mcconnell.

Second placed Boars Head B lost 5-4 to the DSAA Hope, and it was three wins on the bounce for the Admiral Cups, they beat Tilmanstone 7-2.  Dave Jones of Tilmanstone hit a 180.

The Dewdrop Harvey followed last weeks win with their second win of the season with a 5-4 win against the Hairy Crown.  Finally the DSAA won 7-2 against the Northern Diamonds, again no 180s but a 171 for Baz Hinton.

There are four sides all on 10 points in division three, Whitfield Club, Carriers, Sportsman and the Phoenix C.  In the games this week the Carriers were biggest winners, 9-0 against the DSAA C.  The Sportsman won 6-3 against the Old Endeavour and the Phoenix C by the same margin against the Eagle.

The Nelson won 6-3 against the DSAA Misfits and the finally the phoenix Rising won 6-3 against the Crown Smiffys.  Highlights from division three on the night were 180s from Kai West of the Phoenix Rising, Kevin Down of the Sportsman a 70 checkout for Samantha Arbon Davis, two darts, 20 followed by the bull.

Here is your weekly 180 and checkout count

  180s TON +
WK1 5 7
WK2 13 5
WK3 6 5
WK4 4 7
WK5 6 4
WK6 5 5
WK7 10 3

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