New year, its time for darts

Before we head in to the darts round up, I hope you had a great Christmas and all have a happy and healthy New Year. This weeks blog is a double week round up, as many have you seen i have had some family illness that has taken a lot of my spare time. Thanks for all you kind comments and understanding during this period.

Also, over the next week I would hope that I will be able to confirm dates and venues for the end of season knockouts, I just need to firm up with the rest of the committee and also I dont want to clash with the ladies league presentation which is the last Friday in April.

Ok, on with the darts.

Over the last two weeks division one has opened up a little, with the four sides now within two points of each other. The previously unbeaten Bull A beat the Bull B 7-2, but lost last week to the Dewdrop Oast 5-4. This result means that the Diamond have moved to top spot, as they beat the Phoenix 8-1 and the Hairy Bull 6-3.

The Old Endeavour have had two wins, they beat the Boars Head Arrows and the DWMC, 7-2 victories against them both.

Before the Hairy Bulls defeat against the Diamond they beat the Boars Head C 8-1. The Bull B lost their two matches, one against the Bull A and a 6-3 defeat against the Phoenix Maddogs, who bounced back from that defeat against the Diamond.

The Dewdrops win against the Bull followed a 5-4 win against the Boars Head Arrows who have lost two on the bounce.

The DWMC bounced back from the defeat against the Old E with a 8-1 win against the Real Diamonds.

Over the last two weeks there has been 180s in division one from, Simon Scott of the Phoenix, Andy Smith of the Dewdrop, Al Terry of the Old Endeavour, Tony Earl of the DWMC, and Blake Manton of the Arrows. Checkouts over a ton were hit by Mick Mendham, 120 of the Dewdrop, Steven Roberts, 100 of the Dewdrop, and Jimmy Yarwood, 104 of the Real Diamonds.

In division two the Three Cups are still unbeaten, they have beaten the Boars Head B 7-2 and the Diamond C 5-4. They are still only two points clear though at the top of the table, the Crown & Sceptre have only lost the once. Over the last two weeks they have beaten the DSAA hope 5-4 and the Phoenix Rising 5-4.

Another in form side are the Admiral Harvey A, they beat the Boars Head B and the Carriers 6-3, they remain third in the table.

A mixed fortnight for the Admiral Harvey B, they beat the Bull Dogs 5-4 but lost to the Carriers 6-3.

Tilmanstone have lost both their post xmas matches, both 6-3. These defeats were against the Diamond C and the DSAA Hope. The Boars Head A have had couple of wins on the bounce, winning 5-4 against the Phoenix Rising and the Bull Dogs. That is their fifth win on the bounce, all of which have been 5-4.

Over the lat two weeks in division two there has been just the one 180, Luke Blythe of the Three Cups. Ton plus checkouts have been hit by Pete Phillips, 113 Admiral Harvey, 149 from Luke Blythe of the Three Cups, 108 from Lynda Hayden also of the Cups and 100 from Conor Barnes of the Boars Head B.

In to division three, the Hairy Crown are top, but are no longer unbeaten. They lost 5-4 against the Northern Diamonds, but did a 9-0 and the Sea Lions. The Northern Diamonds also beat the Crown Smiffys 5-4 and sit joint top of the table with the Hairy and the Carriers.

The Carriers have now won seven games in a row, this amazing run included 5-4 wins against the Phoenix C and the Old Endeavour.

The Crown Smiffys beat the Sportsman 7-2, but the Sportsman bounced back with a 5-4 against the DSAA Misfits. Not a good fortnight for the Misfits, they also against the Phoenix St Pauls 6-3. The Phoenix C were another side that had a mixed fortnight, the did lose to the inform Carriers, but beat the Nelson 5-4 this week. The previous week the Nelson beat the DSAA C 5-4.

Phoenix St Pauls did win followed their win against Misfits with a 7-2 win against the DSAA C.

Shane May of the Phoenix St Pauls hit a 180 in his sides win this week.

I hope I have captured all your 180s and big checkouts, if not my apologies in advance.

Paul T

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