week 14

I must start this weeks blog with an apology to the Hairy Bull and the DWMC B for missing them off last week it was a human error, i am sorry.

Division One saw two 9-0’s this week one of which was a pub derby, The Diamond taking the win against Real Diamond, Paul martin of the Diamond hit a 180. The other 9-0 game was Diamond C against the Bull A with the Bull being the winners. Boars Head Arrows beat the DWMC A 5-4 with Simon Scott of the DWMC hitting 180. Hairy Bull beat the Old Endeavour 7-2 Carl Booker from the Hairy hitting 180. Dsaa Oast lost 5-4 against DWMC B Steve Roberts hit a 180 for the DWMC. Admiral Harvey A beat  the Crown Maddogs 6-3.

Division Two Three Cups B lost 5-4 against the Admiral Harvey B. Boars Head A beat Bulldogs 5-4, Karl Shepherd finished on 106 for the Bulldogs and Roy Waymark hit a 171 in the game. Phoenix Rising were the winners of their pub derby beating Phoenix C 7-2. Bull B won 8-1 against Boars Head B. Crown and Sceptre lost 5-4 to Tilmanstone.  Boars Head C won against Dsaa Hope 6-3.

In Division Three we have a team that is still unbeaten and a team that won their first match. Old Endeavour are the team who won their first match of the season beating the Sportsman 5-4 and the team unbeaten is the Three Cups who beat the Dsaa Wanderer 8-1 with Billy Bristow hitting a 180 for the Cups. Phoenix St Pauls lost 6-3 to the Eagle Drifters with Richard Pitcher hitting a 180 for the Drifters. Northern Diamonds beat Nelson 7-2 and Carriers A won 6-3 against Dsaa C.

Gemma Merrells

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