Week 5

The weeks are flying past in the Dover Invitation Darts League, and personally I think the new league structure is gpoing down well.   I always try and pop around the other matches on boards when I am at the venues to gauge opinion, and to date it has been very postitive. We will make a decision soon on the format of the team knockout and I also hope over the next week we can confirm the pro night.

One with this weeks Arrows,

The Bull A and the Old Endeavour are still unbeaten in division one.  They Old Endeavour won 8-1 against the DWMC B and the Bull won 7-2 against the Hairy Bull.  The Old E sit top of the table as they have won one more game in their matches so far.

These two matches included 180s for Tony Selby, Dave Heath and Graeme North, 107 checkout for Lee Ware and a 104 checkout for Dave Heath.

James Manton and Jim Penman both hit 180s in the Diamonds 6-3 win against the Boars Head Arrows.  This was the first defeat for the season for the Arrows in their return to division one.

The Crown Maddogs were 5-4 winners against the Diamond C, thats three wins in five for the Crown, another good start from a newly promoted side.

Loads of action in the DSAA Oasts 7-2 win against the Real Diamonds, Jim Yarwood, Mick Mendham and Tom Armstrong hit 180s, Mick and Tom were also in good finishing form, Mick hit a 108 and Tom hit a 133.

Final game in division one there was a first win of the season to the Admiral Harvey, they beat the DWMC A 5-4, Ricky Edwards winning the last game of the match on his return from another world adventure.

In division two the Bull B beat the Bull Dogs 5-4, they are top of the table.  The Boars Head C are second, they beat the Three Cups 6-3, Charlie Wells checked out on 103.

Third placed Crown & Sceptre win 6-3 against the Phoenix C, this means there are three sides at the top on eight points.

The DSAA Hope picked up their first win of the season, they beat the Boars Head A 5-4, Dave Buddle hit his third 180 of the season and checked out on 110.

Phoenix Rising were 6- winners against the Admiral Harvey, Steve Reeves hit a 180 for the Harvey.  In the final game of division two Tilmanstone won 6-3 against the Boars Head B, the Boars Head are still looking for a win this season.

In division three we all need to watch this space with the Eagle which closed this week, the team will need to find a new venue over the next two weeks if the pub does not re-open.  They played their match this week at the Three Cups and beat the DSAA Wanderers 5-4.  Many thanks to the Cups helping out at short notice.

The Three Cups won 5-4 against the Northern Diamond, Lee Fryer hit a 180 for the Diamond.  The Cups stay top, the Nelson A are second closely followed by the Carriers B.  This week the Nelson won 6-3 agianst the Sportsman and Carriers beat the Phoenix St Pauls 7-2.

The Old Endeavour are still looking for a win, as were the DSAA C before they played each other Friday.  The DSAA C won the match 5-4.



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