Week 6

Week 6 of the Dover Invitation Darts League, and there was an amazing eight ton plus checkouts and nine 180s to include in the report. The most ton plus checkouts in a week so far this campaign.

Undoubtedly the stand out game of the week for the big hitting scores and checkouts was the  DWMC Oast and the Three Cups, the Oast won 6-3.  There was 180s from Jamie Mears, Mick Mendham, Mike Matthews and Billy Bristow.  Big checkouts were 109 for Steve Roberts, 116 for Mick Mendham, and 100 for Jamie Mears.

Darren Hyder of the Diamond checked out on 101 and 112 and George Clarke hit a 180 in the Diamonds 6-3 win against the Old Endeavour to remain unbeaten.

The Hairy Bull and the Bull A both won 8-1.  Hairy beating the Crown and Sceptre and the Bull beating the Admiral Cups.  Shane Bryce hit a 180 for the Crown and, Ricky Edwards checked out on 100 for the Cups and Paul Perkins on 116 for the Bull.

The Phoenix PD beat the Crown Arrows 5-4 and in the final game of division one the the DWMC A beat the Hairy Crown 6-3, Dan O’Neill hit a 125 checkout.

There was plenty of action in division two, Dave Buddle hit a 180 for the Boars Head against the Diamond C in their 6-3 win, Tom Sullivan also popped up with one for the Diamond.

Phoenix Maddogs beat the Crown B 6-3, Mick Law hit a 180 for the Maddogs.  The Whitfield Club moved to the top of the table, they beat the Bull Dogs who won their first four games and have now lost two on the bounce.

No 180s in the Dewdrop Harvey 6-3 win against Tilmanstone, but there was a 177 for Mark Golding.  The Real Diamonds ended a recent bad run of form , they beat the Dewdrop C 5-4.

In division three we go, and the Phoenix C and the Nelson are both unbeaten winning all six of their games to date, and amazingly they are six points clear of everyone else already.

This week the Nelson beat the Northern Diamonds 5-4 and the Phoenix C beat the Eagle A 7-2.  Not all bad news for the Eagle on the night though, the B side won for the first time this season, they beat the DSAA C 7-2.

The DSAA Hope won 6-3 against the Sportsman and the and the DSAA Misfits picked up their second win of the season, a 5-4 win against the Phoenix Rising.

Christmas is nearly here, and the Friday 21st December we have no league fixtures. However, the annual Nigel Pascall Cup will be played at the Diamond. George Clark has put up £100 towards the prize fund, money in money out, a free buffet and maybe the odd xmas jumper or two.

In the new year is another local event, 26th January at the Three Cups, Dover/Deal mixed pairs open to players from the league across the two towns.

PS, Christmas must be here, the Darts is on!!!

Highest checkouts and 180 count.

  180s TON +
WK1 12 5
WK2 9 6
WK3 10 6
WK4 8 2
WK5 6 5
WK6 9 8

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