I cant believe where the time goes, it really does fly, maybe its because its such fun.

First of all a huge thank you to the whole league for their fantastic support during the end of last season, with all the knockouts and of course the fantastic pro night with Scott Mitchell. I have loads of photos to upload which I aim to have up by Friday. You can see them via our Facebook page as well.

I will also aim to finalise the accounts for last season and the pro night over the next few weeks, these will be published online. What I can say in advance, is that with the sponsorship and the great support from the DWMC the pro night did make a small return to the league, which I think personally means we will look at bringing the 15th pro to Dover next year.

At the start of the new season we had two new sides enter the league, Hairy Crown and the Crown Smiffys, we welcome these two new sides which do have a couple of face you will know, but on the whole these two sides are also new players to the league. We have however had one side pull out early doors in division one, DWMC A.

As we are two weeks in, the blog will be a general catchup, starting in division one with Ryan Lucas of the Old Endeavour who hit three 180s in his sides match against the Hairy Bull. However, they lost 5-4 in a game which had the whole pub enthralled. Graham Gosling of the Hairy also hit a 180.

The Hairy followed that first week win with a 6-3 defeat against the DWMC B. The workies have actually started with two wins on the bounce, they beat the Phoenix Maddogs 7-2 in week one.

The Diamond won their first two matches as well, they beat the Real Diamonds 7-2 and the Bull B 9-0. There matches have included 180s from George Clarke and Wayne Venes, and a 110 checkout from Mark Clayton. Jim Yarwood hit a 134 checkout against the Diamond for the Real Diamonds.

The Boars Head C had a mixed start to the season, they were runners up in division two in the summer campaign, finishing behind the Bull B. They beat them 7-2, but lost by the same margin against the Dewdrop Oast. Jason Davey hit a 180 for the Boars Head C in week one.

The Bull A have started the season with two wins as well, they beat the Boars Head Arrows 6-3 and the Real Diamonds 9-0. Bull A 180s so far have come from Paul Perkins, Lee Ware and Tony Selby, and Ben Tester checked out on 116.

The Boars Head Arrows did bounce back from the defeat against the Bull, they beat the Phoenix Maddogs 7-2. Arrows big hitters so far this season have been Blake Manton checking out on 116.

Over highlights have been 180s from Kerry Burdett of the Real Diamonds and Jordan Earl of the workies.

In division two, four sides are unbeaten. The Admiral Harvey A who have beat the Bull Dogs 7-2 and Phoenix Rising 7-2. The Crown & Sceptre who have won against the Boars Head A 5-4 and the Carriers B 9-0.

The Diamond C, like the Harvey A were relegated from division one, but soon got round to winning ways. They have beaten the Carriers B 7-2 and the DSAA Hope by the same scoreline.

Newly promoted Three Cups are the final side to start with two wins, they beat the Bull Dogs 6-3 and the Admiral Harvey B 5-4.

The Boars Head B have lost both their opening games 5-4, against the Phoenix Rising and the DSAA Hope.

Tilmanstone bounced back from an opening game defeat against the Harvey B with a 5-4 win against the Boars Head A.

Three big checkouts so far in division two, 102 from Wayne Anderton, 110 from Kev Thorp, the biggest from Karl Fagg with a 113.

And then we have division three, with three sides starting with three wins. Phoenix C were relegated from division two, they have started with 7-2 wins against the Crown Smiffys and a win by the same margin against the DSAA Misfits.

The Hairy Crown have beaten the Sportsman 8-1 and the Phoenix St Pauls 5-4. The final undefeated side is the Nelson, they have a 5-4 win against the Sea Lions and a 6-3 against the Carriers A under the belt.

The Old Endeavour had an opening day win against the Sportsman, Carriers A beat the the Northern Diamonds 8-1 on the first night. The Northern Diamonds bounced back with an 8-1 win against the DSAA C.

New side Crown Smiffys beat the Old Endeavour 5-4 this week, and the DSAA C won 5-4 against the DSAA Misfits.

That rounds up the first couple of weeks, we will be back to weekly blogs this Friday.

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