The Albert Kemp Trophy and TKO

Since the passing of Albert Kemp, I must admit the charity collection pots that we have each venue have taken a backwards step, but I am pushing for this now to change.  As a committee, we thought what could we do to mark Albert in our history and we have decided to relaunch or charity collections for local community projects, groups, clubs and events.  We have also purchased a brand new trophy, which will be called “The Albert Kemp Trophy”.  See picture below.  This is not the norm for us to name trophies after individuals, but we hope you all agree that this is a great way of marking over 30 years of sitting on darts league committee’s in Dover.

This week myself and Peter have collected charity pots from the pubs, all bar Tilmanstone Welfare Club.  Unfortunately this year a few have been stolen, with a spate of break-ins across the district.  However, I have great pleasure in sharing with you the figures to date.

The Diamond  £                              309.59
The Bull  £                              136.33
Malvern  £                                75.09
DSAA  £                                60.91
Boars Head  £                                53.65
Old Endeavour  £                                36.43
Admiral Harvey  £                                33.28
Three Cups  £                                16.97
Dewdrop  £                                16.92
   £                              739.17

We also now know our team knockout winners, division one has a brand new name on the Trophy, the Hairy Bull beat the Bull A 5-4.  In division two the Boars Head C were 7-2 winners against the Bull Dogs and finally in division three the Three Cups completed the League and Cup double with a 6-3 win against the Phoenix St Pauls.  What with Marc Thorp winning the singles it could be classed as a triple.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you all next Friday at the Scott Mitchell Pro Night.  The order of play will be confirmed this week.





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