Week 3

Well, if your reading the blog you have found the new website. We hope you like it, new data well be added over the next few weeks for our history, in the meantime of you have any feedback that would be great so we can look at making the site the best we possibly can.

This week we will start our round up in division two, with two sides sitting joint top with three wins out of three, the Admiral Harvey and the Bull Dogs.

The Harvey were 6-3 winners against the Three Cups and the Bull Dogs had a cracking 5-4 win against the Boars Head A who were unbeaten in the first two weeks.

Mick Patchett of the Boars Head C was on good finishing form, he checked out on 138 for his side in their 7-2 win against the DSAA Hope.

Biggest winners on the night were the biggest winners of the night in division two, they won 8-1 against the Boars Head B. The battle of the two Phoenix sides was won by the C side, beating the Rising 5-4.

The Crown & Sceptre were 6-3 winners against Tilmanstone, bouncing back from last weeks defeat against the Boars Head C.

In division three the Three Cups have won three out of three, they beat the DSAA Wanderers 7-2. The onyl other 100% records in the division are the Carriers B who had a bye this week and the Sportsman who won 8-1 for the second time this season, the latest against the Old Endeavour.

The Nelson were 7-2 winners against the Northern Diamonds and the Carriers A were 7-2 winners against the DSAA C.

The Phoenix St Pauls won for the second time on the bounce, they come from behind to beat the Eagle Drifters 5-4.

In division one the Bull A were 8-1 winners against the Diamond C, Paul Perkins hit a 180 for the Bull and Tom Sullivan was the only winner for the Diamond.

The Boars Head Arrows continued with winning ways, they were 6-3 winners against the DWMC A, Blake Manton hit a 180, and the Old Endeavour are the only other side with 100% winning run in division one, they beat the Hairy Bull 7-2. Tony Lewis checked out on 154 for the Old E.

The Diamond were 7-2 winners against the Real Diamonds, Wayne Venes and Mark Clayton both hit 180s for the Diamond.

The DWMC B were 6-3 winners against the DSAA Oast, Mick Mendham of the DSAA checked out on 103. In the final game of the round up Mick Law of the Crown Maddogs hit a 180, his side beat the Admiral Harvey 6-3.

The Harvey and the Real Diamonds are the only two sides in division one still looking for a win.

Paul T

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