New season underway

And we are off, another season of darts is underway!

As you are all aware we have undertaken a little restructure which means that we now have three divisions, which means that we have less byes in the league.  This may mean in the future that the league is more difficult to get in to as we only have space for one more team and we will always prioritise you, our current teams.

I personally think three divisions is the best for the league.


On with this weeks darts.

In divisions one the biggest winners on the night were the reigning champions, who are now playing from the Old Endeavour.  They beat the Diamond C 8-1.  The match included three big finishes, 143 from John Hughes and a 118 and 100 from Ryan Lucas.

The Boars Head Arrows picked up a 7-2 win against the Admiral Harvey B, the same score line the Diamond recorded against the DWMC B.  Wayne Venes hit a 180 for the Diamond in this game.

The Bull A beat the Crown Maddogs 6-3, Tony Selby hit a 100 checkout for his new side, the Bull A.

Another side that had moved venue is the Oast Cottage, they are now playing from the Angling Club.  They lost this week 6-3 against the Hairy Bull.  Dave Heath checked out on 114, Dean Marsh and Steve Roberts both hit 180s.

The final game form division one was a 5-4 win for the DWMC A against the Real Diamonds.

There was a cracking start to the season for the Boars Head A, they beat the Boars Head B 6-3, there was a 180 for Dave Buddle and a 118 checkout for Tony Kemp the A side.

Darren Swinnerd of the Phoenix Rising hit a 180 in their 5-4 defeat against the Phoenix Rising, and Barry Bulluck also hit a 118 checkout for the Bull B, but his side lost 5-4 against the Crown & Sceptre.

The Admiral Harvey B beat the Boars Head C 5-4, the Bull Dogs beat the DSAA Hope 6-3 and the final match of the night in division two was a 6-3 for the Phoenix C against the Three Cups.

On to division three and Billy Bristow was great finish form, a 148 for the Three Cups new side, beating the Phoenix St Pauls 6-3.

The Sportsman were big winners, they beat the DSAA C 8-1, the Northern Diamonds matched that score with a in against the Old Endeavour.

The battle of the Carriers went in favour of the B side, which use to be the DSAA A.  They won 5-4 all on the final game.

Last, but not least, the Nelson were 6-3 winners against the DSAA Wanderers.

Happy Easter!



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