2017 AGM



1 Chairman’s opening comments

The Chairman addressed those present and gave a brief update on the last season.  Overall a success with most divisions tight until the end.  We did however have a disappointing season in losing sides in division four, meaning we have too many byes.

The chair proposed that the league look at a new structure of three divisions of up to twelve sides to reduce the number of byes, which those present, agreed would be good.  However, the Chair did state that he would also ask the members of the league via Facebook for feedback. 

Discussion was held about the number of weeks in a season and if that would be possible with twelve per division.  Chair noted that we can remove the free week at end of season, play team knockout finals on same night and potential for Over 55s being played on a Saturday as it is an additional event ran by the league, not a league event.

General feeling around the league was that the league singles in pubs worked and we would look to continue that this season.

Everybody was in agreement that the Andy Fordham event was good, Chair confirmed that discussions were still on going for a pro this year, we will do one, its just difficult to put down dates with both BDO and PDC tours being so busy.  That is why a legend that doesn’t do much of the tours is the best option.  We have discussed, Tony Oshea, Daryl Fitton, Paul Nicholson, Bob Anderson and interest one for the future maybe, BDO Women’s World Champion, Lisa Ashton.

2 Finance report

The Chairman tabled a finance report, the league currently has funds of £1031.68.  See accounts page for full update.

3 Election of Committee

Election for new year was completed: –

                Chairman – Paul Turner

                Vice Chairman – Peter Phillips

Committee Members – Marc Thorp, Gemma Merrells, Ash Battie, Sarah Whitting,           Colin Habbershaw, Paul Martin, Mike OcAllaghan, Simon Thomas, Tony White

4 Rules Update & AOB

Rules, Pat Edwards requested that rules are sent to the pub at the start of the season, which has caused confusion amongst the committee as they are.  If anybody does not receive fixtures please let us know ASAP.

Discussion around no shows from teams, agreed score will remain 9-0 to the non-offending team.

Teams who cancel on day of fixture will be fined £20, of which £10 will be paid back to Public House for food prepared.  Unpaid fines at the end of the season will be added to team for entry in to next season.

If any team withdraws from the league during the first half of the season then all results including that team, including 180s and 100+ will be removed from standings.  If team pulls out in second half of season, only those game after the turn around will be removed from standings.

Scheduled start date 7th April 2017

Chair has noted after meeting that the team knockout format will need to be rearranged.  Will discuss further with committee, but maybe one per division.